The micro bag trend seems to have cemented itself in fashion. But sometimes, it just seems to be overkill. LV has come up with its version which blurs lines between bag and jewellery. Check out what we mean by reading ahead.

There is no dearth of luxury jewellery creators in the world. And Louis Vuitton has been one of those creators for a long while now. Having occupied the position of the world’s most valuable luxury brand between 2006 and 2012, Louis Vuitton’s jewellery pieces have managed to set some serious statements. Each piece has also managed to hold its value exceptionally well which might be due to their design choices and elements. While we agree with all this, we also hold the belief that sometimes, even the most seasoned jewellery Maisons miss the mark. And Louis Vuitton has plenty of such failed pieces under its name. Don’t believe us? Read ahead and we’ll gladly prove it. This time we’re going to be talking about the Micro Speedy Case from Louis Vuitton.

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We also hold the belief that sometimes, even the most seasoned jewellery Maisons miss the mark.

Before we talk about Louis Vuitton’s creation, we’re going to be talking about the micro bag trend. Is it a bag? Is it a microscopic blob? Who can even tell at this point? Although this trend has been around for a long while – handbags started off pretty small – it has started to seem like an overdone gimmick. It might be cute and quirky to look at, but there is no purpose or practicality behind it. Which makes it a complete fail since it defeats the purpose of having a storage option for your essentials! And even if we look past this fact, every celebrity sporting a version of this trend on their pinkie finger makes it a bit overkill – and overused! One thing is for sure though, the conveyor belt of bag trends that fashion routinely spouts out is becoming hard for everyone to keep up with!

Coming back to the Micro Speedy from Louis Vuitton, it is a replica of a classic and supposedly delights collectors with its adorable size and functionality. We intend to call their bluff here, since the bag has absolutely zero functionality. True, it has a mirror inside, but the micro size of that mirror makes it equally useless as this creation. You won’t even be able to see one single eye, let alone any other part of your face. The craftsmanship is meticulous, we agree to that part! The delicately engraved Monogram pattern and the tiny iconic look do serve as redeemable features in our eyes. And the long chain makes it easy to wear crossbody or over the shoulder.

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The inside mirror  

One thing we would like to point out, is that it is gold-colour hardware, not actual gold. And if you wish to preserve this gold-finished necklace/bag, you’d need to be extra careful while using it. Louis Vuitton jewellery has a notorious reputation for tarnishing prematurely, so make sure you’re ready for that disappointment. We don’t think there’s functionality – or practicality – here. And the blurred line between calling this a handbag or a necklace makes one want to skip on this creation. Although, if you’re a fan of this trend, be sure to go ahead with the purchase.