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    Now you have the chance to stay at a surf lodge that hosted Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor and Winston Churchill...


    Only after a year of casting, actress Emma Mackey unhooked the jackpot. It’s a story written in silver.

  • Spin and Settle

    At just 27, the Anglo-Brazilian already has 16 feature films, a marriage and a child on the clock, and she does not...

  • French Riviera

    Her tryst with diverse cuisines has made her travel all over the globe. Now she is geared to showcase her culinary...

  • Naturally Strung

    Designers are discovering more unusual materials to create jewellery. Don’t be surprised if you find clay or a...

  • Don’t Fit In, Stand Out

    Jasjyot Singh Hans is showing mirror to the society through his illustrations. Images without conventional...

  • Time’s Successor

    Vintage character of the Jaeger‑LeCoultre Polaris collection now embodies modern features.

  • Art that Runs Deep

    Designers Pankaj & Nidhi have developed exclusive surface texturing techniques, and they don’t plan on ceasing...

  • Runway Redundant?

    Social media is in a fight for supremacy with fashion shows. Who will be the winner of this epic battle?

  • Get That Bling

    The new wave of fashion accessories is inclusive in truest sense.

  • Enchanting Chambers

    Experience the medieval charm at bewitching destinations of France and embrace the serenity.


    Plus-sized, dusky or a victim of acid-attack, the change is not needed in you.