We Love To Dub Baku, The Capital Of Azerbaijan, As The Perfect Blend Of Old-World Charm And Modern Fashion Flair. L’officiel Touched Down At Baku Crystal Hall On May 24th And Plunged Into Three Days Of Non-Stop Fashion Fabulousness! Here’s Our Take On It All!

Photographers: Samir Abbasli, Eddie Brend

Baku is revving up to claim its spot as the hottest new fashion hub, giving Paris a run for its couture! Whats the scoop, you ask? Azerbaijans designers are blending tradition with trendiness, weaving ancient patterns and techniques into chic modern outfits. At the latest Baku Fashion Week, we witnessed the rise of Azerbaijani talent, determined to make Baku a style sensation worldwide. And guess whos taking notice? Big names like JLo and Tyra Banks are giving props to these rising stars! With sponsors like Bentley Baku, Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, and Sarvagelli, ModePoint, and Stock brought us the second season of Baku Fashion, and you bet LOfficiel was there in a flash! It was a fabulous fiesta of fashionistas, with a glittering guest list featuring the likes of the glamorous Russian sensation Svetlana Bondarchuk and the trendsetting Kyrgyzstani TikTok star, Zee. Not just the stars were dazzling—brands were stealing the spotlight all over town! From Ruh’s grand debut to Russia’s Viva Vox fashion house, Emre Erdemoglu, and countless others, the buzz was nonstop! The city was buzzing with excitement as Fashion Week kicked off, and the parties were off the charts!

First day wrapped up with an epic afterparty, where, for the first time ever, the catwalk transformed into a dance floor, with beats by DJ Bunbeck and a special guest all the way from South Africa, DJ Kasango. As the second day of shows came to a close, a select few indulged in a private afterparty at the elusive Yolo bar by FOMO. And to cap off the festivities, the final day concluded with a lavish gala dinner at the prestigious B4 restaurant, courtesy of Fomo. But enough about the glitz and glam, lets dive into the fashion highlights and check out our top picks from the three-day extravaganza!

Sultan Gadimbayli

This brand kicked off the fashion extravaganza, and we just had to include it! Hailing from Azerbaijan and making waves in Turkey, this designers collection was all about letting people express themselves through their clothes – and boy, did it deliver. Think cut-outs, shiny silhouettes, and super chic designs. The color palette? A stunning mix of white, black, red, and gold. The result? Pure elegance!


In 2017, the fabulous designer Aysel Sadikhova unleashed Parcha upon the world! Since then, shes been on a wild ride of successful collaborations, renowned for her mind-blowing designs that stick in your memory like glitter glue. At Baku Fashion Week, her lineup was bursting with dresses, coordinating sets, silky satin shirts, sassy miniskirts, and peek-a-boo patterns, all infused with a seriously cool dark vibe. These threads not only look killer but also pack a punch with their practicality and effortlessly cool design concepts!

Zumrud Mirzaliyeva

Reigning over the fashion world for a fabulous 25 years, the iconic Azerbaijani designer Zumrud Mirzaliyeva is back in the spotlight, proving once again that her brand and designs set the trends. Her latest collection dazzled with embroidered corset dresses, chic crepe trousers, stylish jeans, corset tops, luxurious silk jackets, vests, and coats. Bursting with color and energy, just like the city itself, this collection is nothing short of spectacular!