Celebrating the eternal message behind the catwalk collection, that pays homage to traditions and the craftsmanship, is the purest form of beauty in fashion. Yasmin Verheijen, a new wave model with an ambitious mindset shares her thoughts and hopes in change that the power of fashion can catalyse in our society.

Team Credits:
Model : Yasmin Verheijen @yasminverheijen
Photographer: Iris Brosch @irisbrosch
Stylist: Ann-Maleen Eckstein @annmaleen
Hair and Make up: Kelvin Nguyen @kelparrynguyen
Fashion assistant: Jordan Renou @tinyjordy
Retouch: Anastasia Khodanovich @retoucher.anastasia
Outfits: Rahul Mishra @rahulmishra_7
Jewellery: Bibi Van Der Velden @bibivandervelden

En route to Paris Couture Week, Yasmin Verheijen, an influential Dutch model who has been living in London for the past 7 years, shares with us the truths and perspectives behind her story. Yasmin began her modelling career relatively late, but it had always been a dream—a vivid and exciting idea she couldn’t untie herself from.

While studying interior design in Amsterdam, she finally decided to take the leap and confront her dream visions. She began contacting agencies and travelling to castings, but each time she was painfully declined due to her curves.

Like an echo from the universe that heard her prayers, she received an incredible scouting opportunity. This rising star would change her life and views forever. In 2014, Yasmin was scouted for Miss Netherlands. She had never known herself to fight so hard for anything, endure so much, and feel so powerful. She became the 3rd runner-up at Miss Universe and, through luck and dedication, grew a prosperous modelling career in Germany and London.

She said, ‘It felt surreal. I loved and celebrated my achievements, feeling humbled and blessed. Over the years, the industry changed and became more open-minded. I began to speak up about body image, knowing this was what I had to fight for—for my future and the future of so many struggling women.’

‘What I learned is that when you want something as much as that, you can change the world with it. You’ll fight for it—even if everyone says no and rejects you. This only fuels your strength. At least in the end, this is what my epiphany always is: As long as you believe in yourself and don’t give up, others will believe in you too.’

A New Generation Of Models – Ft. Yasmin Verheijen

It is beautiful to know your story, to realize how the world has evolved with you, and how you can change the perspectives of those surrounding you. To be able to promise a belief that you can achieve all your dreams—everything you put your mind to—reflects your incredible strength. You are in a position to inspire women, so strong that you can even share the love you receive because you are certain that together, you can create an even brighter tomorrow. You prove that it’s okay to be different because, in truth, that is your greatest strength.

You were born and raised in the Netherlands but come from a mix of worlds. Which cocktail of cultures creates this beautiful soul? How do you relate to so many cultures? Surely, you must always have had a unique perspective regarding your friends and surroundings, even after spending so many years in Amsterdam.

My mom is Indian from Suriname, and my father is German, Indonesian, and Chinese. I was born and raised in Amsterdam. Growing up between so many cultures and religions made me realize not to judge but instead appreciate and learn to understand the beauty of these differences. Cherishing and celebrating them is what makes the world a more beautiful place.

I believe life is about respect, and the correct etiquette is always to act out of love. In retrospect, I picked out my favorite perspectives from all the surrounding cultures and created my own. We forever evolve, and I always look forward to learning more and being inspired again. This philosophy makes me feel happiest and serves as my compass and language—something important to keep loyal and close to oneself in this industry. When you meet so many incredible minds from diverse places, it feels like we are all chameleons in the fashion world, enjoying consistent change and easily relating to situations through our creative minds, positivity, encouragement, and belief in one another. Do good, and you will receive good karma.

A New Generation Of Models – Ft. Yasmin Verheijen

Over the last few years, you have developed a unique signature in the modeling industry—a belief that has grown into your role as a spokesperson for the changes you’ve endured. You mentioned that spirituality is a vital mindset for you. What does the art of life, or your belief in beauty, mean to you?

In this industry, beauty is often treated as the most important matter, and it can come across as materialistically valued. However, in truth, beauty is an energy—a connection, chemistry, and feeling that you carry within yourself and can project onto anything in life. To me, the art of life involves living in the present and enjoying life to the fullest. It means taking care of your body, mind, and soul, and embracing love, learning, and forgiveness.

Recently, I felt an extraordinary connection when I watched this season’s collection, ‘Aura,’ by Rahul Mishra. I am incredibly honoured to be wearing two couture looks for this special collaboration with L’Officiel. The collection offers a unique perspective on the relationship between clothing and the wearer. Rahul’s designs provoke conversations, allowing us to explore hidden feelings and unspoken thoughts. He has shown me the power of fashion and how it can change the world and the lives of so many. Rahul is a true game changer. His years of work in the fashion industry have not only supported the Indian economy with jobs and fair working conditions but also fuelled respect for traditional craftsmanship. Wearing pieces made by these talented hands, designed by a genius, is the greatest honour for me.”