Breaking moulds, not hearts! In the spotlight, our Digital Beauty Cover Star for the June Edition, Raisa Hassan faced doubters who thought she didn’t fit the ‘pretty Asian girl’ prototype. But guess what? She is not a cookie-cutter! Her journey wasn’t about conforming; it was about transforming. Want to know more? Read ahead the exclusive interview we had with her.

Team Credits:

Model: Raisa Hassan @itsraisahassan

Photography: Jeffrey Tan @jtvisual

Makeup Artist: @scserotonin

Hair Stylist: George Vallossian @georgevallosian

Raisa Hassan Whispers Of Stardust - Exclusive Interview!

Hi Raisa, Welcome to L’Officiel. We wanted to know as a model and influence what inspired you to pursue this career path.

The initial reason I embarked on this journey was due to the pandemic. Subsequently, I realize that modelling in particular heals a part of my inner child. Thus, I strive to evolve and invest more of my time in this industry.


What challenges did you face early in your career, and how did you overcome them?

In the early stages of my career, I encountered significant challenges with agencies and brands that did not believe I fit the traditional Asian beauty standard. However, I overcame these obstacles through unwavering self-belief and perseverance. By staying true to myself and my values, I gradually attracted the opportunities I had always dreamed of.


Raisa Hassan Whispers Of Stardust - Exclusive Interview!

What is your go-to beauty products or skincare routines for maintaining healthy skin?

My go-to beauty products are Dior Beauty and MAC. In terms of skincare, I schedule extractions and aim for hydrating facials either biweekly or at least bimonthly to keep my skin healthy and glowing.


Maintaining a work-life balance is crucial. How do you prioritize self-care and downtime while managing a demanding schedule?

I allocate days per week solely for self-care and recuperation. These days would include social media detoxes, baths, herbal supplements, chamomile tea, and so forth. Having days of solitude allows me to deal with life stressors greatly.


Apart from modelling, what other passions or hobbies do you pursue?

I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Business Administration and subsequently proceeding with a Master’s in Law and a Ph.D. Well, I firmly believe that beauty comes in many forms, including the beauty of an intelligent and well-nurtured mind.


Raisa Hassan Whispers Of Stardust - Exclusive Interview!

You’ve been an advocate for body positivity and self-love. How do you encourage others to embrace their uniqueness?

I would encourage others to spend time in solitude, reflecting on their own definition of beauty, regardless of societal standards. It’s pivotal to truly embody the ideal version of yourself from a subjective standpoint.


As a beauty cover star, you’ve likely worked with various makeup artists. What makeup look makes you feel most confident?

Personally, a soft glam look makes me feel the most confident. However, I also enjoy having weeks where I detox from makeup as well – as that induces more self-love and increased confidence.


The beauty industry evolves rapidly. How do you stay updated on trends, techniques, and emerging technologies?

There is a plethora of trends bombarding us daily on social media. Ultimately, I choose the ones that uplift my confidence the most. As it’s pivotal to choose ones that uplift your confidence even if the masses don’t agree.


Raisa Hassan Whispers Of Stardust - Exclusive Interview!

Are you working on any future projects that we don’t know about? Please shed light on some of those.

My future projects would include representing Miss UK in Miss Europe next year and furthermore, starting my master’s in law and doctorate as well. Ideally, more captivating endeavours will follow that.


We are delighted to have you onboard and so are our readers. Is there anything you want to say to them?

For the readers, I would say, truly invest your time in things that uplift your soul. Additionally, in order to not be affected by other people’s opinions, don’t assimilate the compliments or the insults. What truly matters is your own self-image, which can be altered and ameliorated over time.