As We’re Nearing The End Of This Year And Entering The Season Of Affability, It’s Time To Give A Turn And Twist To Your Scent With Novel And Eccentric Fragrances.

The scent you choose to wear as your signature is highly individual. It makes sense that some people keep the names of their favourite Eau de toilettes behind lock and key because the perfect aroma can cheer you up, encourage confidence, and even reaffirm fond recollections of the past. Here, we’re keeping track of the newest perfumes that were introduced this year as with the change in the season, it’s time to upgrade your sniff game. So, before you even say hello to everyone in the room, let your fragrance make an entry.



A new flanker of the Paradoxe series of 2022, Paradoxe Intense, is introduced by Prada. The freshness of the neroli bud in the top note, the jasmine super infusion in the middle with ambrofix and serenolide in the base note, and other exceptional floral elements are said to make up the new version. The Prada Paradoxe Intense collection exemplifies a raucous celebration of the unexpected and a harmonic blending of powerful elegance and delicate grace.

The same three perfumers that made Paradoxe, also produced Paradoxe Intense. Although it has similarities to the original, this potent version of the aroma is distinctive enough to warrant its presence. The fragrance has a feminine, beautiful, and wearable aura about it. Alongside, the moss note provides some depth and the amber becomes more apparent. These components give the scent a more grounded, less fizzy, feel.



In the realm of luxury, few names resonate as deeply as Chanel. With a legacy of timeless sophistication, Chanel has unveiled its latest masterpiece, Chance Eau Fraiche casting a fresh perspective on the classic Chanel. For this distinctive blend, CHANEL Perfumer-Creator Olivier Polge enhanced the intensity without suffocating its freshness—a task he fulfilled with tremendous success.

Chance Eau Fraîche’s Eau de Parfum has a vivacious, impulsive personality that produces a more strong scent trail. The perfumer has developed something entirely new, a smell in its element, as opposed to just changing the concentration. Without losing any of its original juiciness, the top note’s citron harmony has grown thrilling. The teak wood in the base, which reveals a more ambery side, and the jasmine, which is richer and more powerful, give it an elegance in the middle note.