In Case You’ve Seen A Disappointment, You May Feel Better Because We Just Found Something Topping The Category! Well, You’d Be Intrigued, But Zip Yourselves Up And Then Read Ahead.

Whether costume or fine jewellery, designers always have an upper hand for standout earrings, rings, and necklaces that reflect shoppers’ personalities and interests—and the bigger the statement, the better.

During the past two years, everyone has desired colourful, uplifting, [and] fun jewellery, as a way to boost their moods but also not to make it worse. Though, this bright and whimsical aesthetic will continue in 2024, with chunky and eye-catching earrings also trending upward.

Plus, there’s renewed interest in pieces that feel intentional or are worthy of personal splurges (a preppy style essential that’s trending upward again).


Thus, we came across a pair of earrings – which got us wondering if it was minimalist or maximalist, which is preppy or weird. Well, with no further buildup about the earring piece, we would zip up our mouths and dig right into facts.

The Spanish luxury fashion brand, Balenciaga, is in the news once more! The brand has made headlines for its latest ZIP earrings, which resemble not only zip but are actually zip. And, just like always, sight of the Balenciaga earrings have left internet users under the weather.

We are aware of how Balenciaga has a novel take on accessories. The earrings we have our eyes on, mirroring the utilitarian feel of the SS23 collection. Shaped like zip pulls, they’ve been made in Italy from burnished silver-tone brass and are engraved with the label’s signature ‘BB’ motif.


And just like the regular controversy, Balenciaga earrings were the target of jokes on social media. However, the reason behind it is nothing less than a tragedy for the iconic fashion house, which is famous for its exquisite designs and innovative jewellery and other products.

Coming back to the reason Balenciaga is getting trolled goes to the fact that their brand-new ZIP earrings have left everyone completely unimpressed. From people comparing them with actual zip to netizens trolling the company for setting up the price tag for this product, Balenciaga is getting trolled from all corners.

If you ask us, we have been picturing it with an office siren aesthetic, party outfit vibe or just a low-key day, but we couldn’t find it to appear glamorous, stunning, preppy, or a minimalist chic look. Besides the zip aesthetic, it possesses the ultimate chance of getting tarnished within a period of two months.

Thus, despite of all the facts, if you still fancy the pair, then you better get your socks up, oops not socks but zips up!