Giorgio Armani Has Added Another Star To Its Collection Of Fragrances. Well, See If This One Is Worth Adding To Your List Of Favourites.

Women are here to rule the world and we can’t agree more. While debouching in the world, a woman needs nothing but a boost of confidence to flaunt herself like a diva. When appearing confident, the fragrance is one of the essential components. After all, smelling good can do so much more than make you feel sanguine. Let’s take a look at the intricate analysis of the latest fragrance by Giorgio Armani – My Way Parfum, which we’re not quite sure about.

The allure of perfume is both dwindling and empowering. It creates a glittering Invisible armour that straggles in the air in a room long after its wearer has left, establishing our imagination with subtle power and hinting at a hidden identity. Perfumes are not just fragrances but emotional archives. The beauty admiration of fragrances is frequently carried out in terms of distinguishing between the base notes which are generally long-lasting and the more spectral top notes.

Giorgio Armani

Coming straight from Giorgio Armani, the newly launched My Way Parfum is a floral fragrance for women with a hint of woody
musk. Known for its detailed crafting of fragrances with timeless extensions, Armani is a brand that speaks differently, when
perfumes are concerned. Talking about the My Way Parfum, the scent comes with a symphony of Orange and Bergamot as the top notes, Iris and Musk Mallow as the middle notes along with base notes of Cedar, Bourbon, and Vanilla. Although these interesting notes bring along a spellbinding combination, the fragrance, however, does not seem to become anybody’s way of
perfume as the name suggests.

As usual, the scent begins with a burst of tuberose, which is quickly alleviated by the iris that does not contribute to the dusty stench. The sweetness of the tuberose will undoubtedly linger in your mind. The ludicrously synthetic fruity-floral with an endeavour at sophistication in the base brings an unsuccessful attempt to fulfill one’s desire.

Starting off strong, fresh, and floral, there is barely any smell left after a short period and all you’re left with is a powdery, woody, slightly sour skin scent. For something called “Parfum”, this one appears to have longevity issues as well.

Apart from the disenchanting fragrance, one thing that saves the day for My Way Parfum is the stunning bottle design. If you’re an admirer of collecting peculiar and unique perfume bottles, this is an excellent pick to add to your collection. This
would raise up the vanity game beyond just looking good in one’s hands, which makes you grab this scent. All in all, if you are
looking for something that can live up to those hot summer days, there are plenty of better options than this one.