Chanel’s Bags Are Usually On Point. But, This Time, This Bag Makes No Sense. Read On To See Which One We’re Talking About!

To use formal fashion terminology, “It-bag” is a serious frontrunner on the trend circuit style to flex right now. While fellow Gez-Z fashion plates are preoccupied with trawling consignment sites for rare vintage, their wardrobes are flooded with the hottest pieces on the market right now. Their fashion statements are a mix of luxury and emerging talent, but when it comes to handbags, it’s big-name brands all the way.

Picking a bag that defines your style requires some investigation, not only budget-wise but also personality-wise. While there are many luxury fashion conglomerates, some stand from the rest. One such brand is Chanel. And, This month we have chosen a bag that has made a name and fame for itself, Chanel Denim Quilted Mini Pearl Crush Rectangular Flap Blue.

The label that comes up with some amazing creations in the world of handbags. But this time, we were left disappointed. The shape of this bag exposes the edge to certain wear and tear. Making the design more exposed to damages. Well, many people complained about the bag wearing off too quickly and the threads getting loosened.

Denim crushing it's way
Denim crushing it's way

If you have your hair hanging near your shoulder, while cross bodying this bag-your hair will get stuck in them and not just stuck, “tangled” would really be the expression here. Who likes to untangle their hair every time removing their bag from their shoulder? Definitely not us. Let’s just suppose these problems in bag are not there.

Well, then we also have an adjustable ball in the strap to adjust it, the ball makes the bag extremely heavy. This is not all, the ball makes the bag come forward once you close its flap. The base is extremely weak and thin, and the bag’s backing is so unpliable. But buying a denim bag has chances of getting furry and fading away.

 Due to the bag’s ergonomics, the base and strap becomes saggy. Senseless – is what we are hearing repeatedly after calling out this bag and if you can’t catch on to the red flag, you might be colourblind.