Listen to What Your Wrist Craves for All the Time. Don’t Know What? Luxury It Is. Check Out These Pieces of Jewellery and Find Out the ins & outs of It

Going as per the popular saying Your Jewellery introduces you before you even speak, the jewellery indeed speaks for you. With the ravaging changes happening throughout the world, the world of jewels has also seen exuberant growth. Our mother earth has blessed us with some of her heavenly jewels.

These heavenly jewels have been selling for a colossal amount. Now you may ask that what exactly defines their price? Well, the rarity and the sheer beauty of naked diamonds and shiny gold marks an everlasting impression in ones eye.


Classic Opulence: Chopard Red Carpet Collection 2021

From head to toe, everything has been designed uniquely to fit a particular part of the human body. Don’t you worry, we are not going to jewel you from head to toe but instead we have something for your wrist today. Let’s get into it and find out what’s your wrist has been missing lately!

Cannes Film Festival took place this year and as per every years forthcoming, Chopard is back at it again. Founded in 1860, Chopard has been considered one of the worlds finest designer jewellery brands.


Majestic Emeralds: Chopard Red Carpet Collection 2021

Every year with the beginning of the Cannes Film Festival, Chopard releases its high-end exquisite collection taking inspiration from Canes Film Festival. This year is no different as Chopard has released its Red Carpet Collection 2021. This time, Chopard said that it took the inspiration from Paradise.

This collection is comprising 74 pieces of jewellery that would be for your wrist, neck, and ears. This number 74 is taken with the 74th Anniversary of Cannes this year. Paradise being the selected colour arrangement of the collection, it is bound to be colourful like we imagine paradise to be. But as paradise is not for everyone, this collection is also not.


The Eternal Purity of The Diamond: Chopard Red Carpet Collection 2021

Being colourful specifically does not mean being high-pitched colours which might leave the trails of glimmer, excessive glimmer does not only look bad but also can be irritating at times. Chopard has mentioned this collection as Gold crafted but except gold, every rare elixir is there. Red carpet does not always mean glittery and shiny but signifies elegance. This collection would be perfect for people who love bright-coloured jewels but for the ones who hate the gist of bright colours and heavy glimmers, you can search for something less shiny!


Lacy Heart: Chopard Red Carpet Collection 2021