This Segment Is For You If You Don’t Want A Weird Watch On Your Wrist! If You Wear This Watch In A Board Meeting You Would Probably Be Laughed At; A Lot!

Stylish men know not to wear brown shoes with a black belt, a pre-tied bow tie, or pajamas outside of the house and a casual
watch at a formal event. When it comes to watches people are a little fuzzy and this time we have a watch you must strictly avoid wearing formally! Call us a hopeless romantic, if you like, but we’ll ask this anyway: when was the last time you reflected on how a watch made you feel? The Konstantin Chaykin Joker watch did just that with us, precisely because it made us feel something distinctive when compared to other watches. Now, there are two ways of looking at this Joker watch: as an ordinary watch with casual wear ability, refinement, and utilitarian aspects and holding a different concept.

Most of the luxury watches are about ticking or missing boxes — like top trumps or the options list for cars. For watches, it’s
always about how precise they are, how refined their details are, how precious their materials are, how rare, exclusive, and cutting-edge they have. That’s all fun, of course, but the Joker is all, and yet none, of those things.

The watch not to be watched!

Have you ever looked at something and wondered just what the hell the designer was smoking when they thought of it? Yeah, we too, in this case, when looked at the Konstantin Chaykin Joker Watch.

It’s actually pretty unnerving, considering we don’t exactly like clowns on watches this one takes it to a whole other level of
weirdness. The eyes are used to tell the time. Yep, that means that one eye is moving around faster than the other, it’s like this watch found a little baggie of something special and just decided to do it all at once.

Therefore, the joker in this case is the joker from a deck of playing cards and not the joker from the Batman franchise as referenced from the symbols on the bezel, but at the end, we doubt if that will make any difference, as this is just too odd for us.

Moving inwards, beneath the sapphire, the white almost corrugated looking menacing joker face stares out with its crazy eyes
and insane looking mouth bringing itself to notice. The red eyes indicate the time; the left eye shows the hours and the right
shows the minutes. The wide Joker’s mouth takes up almost half of the bottom section of the face. The red tongue can be seen through an aperture, which actually acts as a moon phase indicator.

We are sure that with the uniqueness of this watch, Konstantin would likely entertain other strap requests to further enhance Dracula. Guess What? Vampires only come out at night and so do the fangs on Konstantin Chaykin’s Joker Dracula!!