Are You Looking For A Speedmaster Watch? If Yes, Dive Right In To Find What All You Absolutely Don’t Need.

Either be on your hand or on your walls, the ticking of your watch never stops. Except when the batteries are dead. But jokes apart, time can be called the most valuable asset a human has. Hype is a more powerful tool than ever before, especially with short – form entertainment like TikTok managing to expose audiences to weigh more instances of advertising. The next big release can often feel like it’s going to change the world, or maybe it promises to fill a hole in your collection which you didn’t know you had.

All of these emotions can easily be mistaken for excitement centred on the watch itself, when really, it’s just the zeitgeist sweeping people up. Before you buy a new watch that’s getting a lot of social media attention, be sure to question that it’s something you really want.

Without any doubt, Omega and Swatch are one of the biggest watchmaking family groups in the watch industry. And, this time
the Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch got us for all the talking. Well, there’s something you need to know about one of its exquisite creations, which is basically a plastic watch with the basic movement.

No mastery at speed

If you are someone who’s buying the moonswatch just because you simply want a Speedmaster, you got this wrong. Because
this Moonswatch is not even nearly close to speedmaster. With the biggest drawback, the color of the dial rubs off from the back case on the wrist which doesn’t shows a luxury appeal we demand for.

The most important criterion for wearing a watch every day is the design and looks. And this is where you can’t go wrong with
the Speedmaster. But with wearing this speedmaster your watch dial is prone to scratches as it holds low sustainability.

Plastic case, plastic crystals, cheap quality movement, terrible strap quality, vulnerable to scratches and plenty of cases failing right after it shows up, this is not what we expect from Omega and Swatch.

With this watch, one can’t feel the satisfaction of owning a speedmaster because it doesn’t hold any. So, if this does not convince you, well, you can just go ahead and get the watch. But don’t be surprised if you never want to wear it. As, if you are a
watch enthusiast, this watch can make some space in your collection.