When the Summer Calls, Beaches are the Only Medium to Answer. To Fight off This Heatwave and Celebrate the Wave of Fashion – Let’s Dive In!

The hottest month of the year has begun shredding the puns of heat in full throttle. This heat not only makes you weak but can also deteriorate your health in many different ways. With everyone turning their back up on you there is just one alternative to fight with the giant orange blob of 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit – water. Water not only cools our body temperature but also deploys a protective layer that is effective to some extent. While 71% of the earth’s surface is made up of water, this is a resource that we can make proper use of. There is just one place where you have the combination of water and relaxation – the beach. It is a heaven for the people who want to lay off some heat and have fun on the seaside; even in summers. Well, to tell you what exactly you should wear on a beachy – sunny day; we are here!

men's beach wear


1. SAINT LAURENT, Floral-Print Cotton Shirt, Approx. Rs. 86,000

2. MISSONI, Straight-Leg Mid-Length Striped Swim Shorts, Approx. Rs. 37,000

3. BOTTEGA VENETA, Plank Bouclé Loafers, Approx. Rs. 85,500

4. DESMOND & DEMPSEY, Intarsia Cotton-Blend Socks, Approx. Rs. 2,000

5. BAMFORD LONDON GMT, Automatic 40mm Stainless Steel Watch, Approx. Rs. 1,25,000

6. JACQUES MARIE MAGE + Enfants Riches De?prime?s, The Sidewalk Doctor Rectangular-Frame Gold and Silver-Tone Sunglasses, Approx. Rs. 91,500

men's beach wear


1. VALENTINO, Camp-Collar Printed Cotton-Twill Shirt, Approx. Rs. 82,500

2. VALENTINO, Straight-Leg Printed Cotton-Twill Shorts, Approx. Rs. 44,000

3. THIERRY LASRY, Foxxxy Square-Frame Acetate Sunglasses, Approx. Rs. 37,500

4. BIRKENSTOCK 1774 + Adererror Gizeh, Suede Sandals, Approx. Rs. 23,000

5. EÉRA, Tokyo 18-Karat White Gold Diamond Pendant Necklace, Approx. Rs. 2,95,000

6. CAROLINA BUCCI, Forte Beads White Gold Multi-Stone Bracelet, Approx. Rs. 51,000

men's beach wear


1. GUCCI, Oversized Camp-Collar Printed Cotton-Poplin Shirt, Approx. Rs. 76,000

2. VILEBREQUIN, Moonrise Straight-Leg Mid-Length Printed Swim Shorts, Approx. Rs. 25,000

3. LOEWE + Paula’s, Ibiza Logo-Embroidered Colour-Block Webbing Platform Sandals, Approx. Rs. 40,000

4. BELL & ROSS, BR 05 Blue Gold Automatic 40mm 18-Karat Rose Gold and Rubber Watch, Approx. Rs. 21,56,500

5. MR P. + Cubitts Carnegie, Round-Frame Acetate Sunglasses, Approx. Rs. 12,000

6. OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN, Collier Gold Necklace, Approx. Rs. 6,98,000

men's beach wear


1. AMIRI, Camp-Collar Printed Silk-Twill Shirt, Approx. Rs. 1,54,000

2. FRESCOBOL CARIOCA + Parley, Straight-Leg Long-Length Swim Shorts, Approx. Rs. 15,500

3. OFF-WHITE, Suede-Trimmed Canvas Sneakers, Approx. Rs. 26,000

4. ROGER DUBUIS, Excalibur Huracán Limited Edition Automatic Skeleton 45mm Ceramic Watch, Approx. Rs. 56,14,000

5. MONCLER GENIUS + Gentle Monster, Round-Frame Silver-Tone and Acetate Sunglasses, Approx. Rs. 34,000

6. KOLOURS JEWELRY, Spectra White Gold Diamond Necklace, Approx. Rs. 19,29,000