Listed below are luxury brands that have shifted the way we see fashion. They have adopted the colours of modernity, diversity and sustainability to showcase their love for fashion.

Fashion has been a companion. To embrace its presence with open arms is to truly feel the comfort of quality that luxury brands offer. This has made it crucial to stay parallel with the surrounding world. The happenings in every other sector affect the sense of fashion that prevails in our lives. Fashion evolves, not only with seasons but also with time and year and society.

Fashion has yet again turned to encapsulate the positives of our surroundings. This isn’t just a theory. It has become a much-awaited dream. Below we mention a few brands that are allowing people everywhere to live their dream with fashion and live it long. Have a look!

1. Sustainable Fashion

Fashion has been with us for a long time. If we sit down to connect with the initial tree of fashion, whose roots and fruits we enjoy today, we may find ourselves stuck at the timeline. However, as we have developed with fashion, the issues regarding sustainability have surrounded us more and more. With the spike in population, fashion demands to be produced in large quantities. This has led to major wastage as well. Precisely, with the damage already being caused by the climate crisis, this is the last thing we desire.

Sustainable fashion has been turning tables in this matter. The use of eco-friendly materials for making collections has been a boon for the environment. Numerous fashion brands have stepped forward to handle the situation with their creative ideas. Although the fashion brands have been doing their part, the responsibility to wear fashion in a responsible manner falls on our heads. Habits like using old apparel, picking a sustainable product and thinking about long-term investment can improve the world of luxury fashion considerably.

Below are some brands and their apparel that promote the idea of sustainable fashion and stick to its meaning.


Stella McCartney Plus The Beatles Get Back Appliqued Printed Cotton-Jersey Hoodie

Price: approx. Rs. 73,310


Eileen Fisher Lofty Organic Merino Box Top 

Price: approx. Rs. 22,360


Rag &Bone Willow Wool Fair Isle Turtleneck Sweater

Price: approx. Rs. 28,760


Mara Hoffman + Net Sustain Jocelyn Ribbed Organic Cotton Blend Sweater 

Price: approx. Rs. 34,590


Roopa Pemmaraju Ixora Reversible Silk Velvet Coat

Price: approx. Rs. 1,95,000


Fe Noel Gatsby Palm Wilted Sleeve Top 

Price: approx. Rs. 70,770 

2. Gender Neutral Fashion

The concept of gender-specific fashion feels outdated in this time of acceptance. The queerer you go, the more positive attention you gain. Embracing this change with open hands, many luxury brands have also launched apparel that resonates the same harmony of gender neutrality. With celebrities including Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Lil Nas and more being spotted wearing gender fuild clothes, the hype is nothing but increasing.

To make it a landmark in the history of fashion, brands like Gucci, Stella McCartney and more have taken the center stage to make their collections gender-neutral. The outcome was pleasing to see. Here we have some of such pieces of apparel that do not follow the stereotypical rules of gender identity.


Gucci Silk Crepe de Chine Formal Shirt 

Price: approx. Rs. 63,800


Stella McCartney Ed Curtis Patchwork Sweater

Price: approx. Rs. 1,04,700


Marc Jacob Laser Floral Shirt

Price: approx. Rs. 12,400


Olderbrother Sherpa Chore Coat Denim

Price: approx. Rs. 22,140


Riley Studio Recycled Cashmere V-Neck Sweater

Price: approx. Rs. 29,540


Ijji Canvas Work Jacket

Price: approx. Rs. 13,900