An ideal example of, “Just because she’s a single mother, doesn’t mean she cannot be a success.” Meet Trisha Vu, lively, affectionate, and a diva!

Do you need someone to trust blindly when it comes to fashion? Well, here you go. Gracing the L’Officiel anniversary edition is Trisha Vu, her socials are proof of her being a fashionista. She is vigorous just like her inspiration, Victoria Beckham. We had a heart-to-heart with her where she told us all about her upcoming plans with her brand, favorite fashion labels and also spills some parenting tips she swears by. Nonetheless, towards the end she tells all about her pick between Singapore & Vietnam, keep reading to learn all about this charmer!

Trisha 1

Outfit: Tory Burch,
Directions SG

Hello & Welcome to L’Officiel! Tell us something interesting about your life in Singapore?

Hello L’Officiel. First of all, thank you so much for having me.i I’ve always been a huge fan of the magazine. My life in Singapore is quite simple. I usually start my day with positive thoughts and energy via meditation. Lots of work self-concept, but still, I never forget to party and enjoy life from time to time.

You’re indeed a fashionista, which designer inspires you the most & why?

I would say Victoria Beckham. I feel inspired by her character, how she deals with life during up and down moments, and of course her amazing fashion sense.

Trisha 2

Outfit: Liretta via Stylelease,
Earring: Andy Accessories

Name some luxury fashion brands that have your heart?

4 brands that take most space in my wardrobe are: Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Versace and Philipp Plein.

If you had to choose one in terms of lifestyle, food & fashion, which one would be your pick & Why: Vietnam or Singapore?

Fashion is my passion since I was a Little Girl. It’s so hard to choose as Singapore Styles Are more relaxed and trendier, Vietnamese styles are more glamorous. But as food wise, always Vietnamese food.

Trisha 3

Outfit: Trisha Vu Collection

You are a great single mother, what message would you convey to women struggling to be Single Moms?

As a single mom, I’m trying to provide all the best for my children. Please spend as much quality time as you can with the kids as that is what is most important for them. Just follow your heart, with the infinite love you have saved for your kids, everything will work its way out.

We see your party with your girl gang, what does an ideal date night with your girlfriends look like?

Great laugh that’s all I need.

How do you spend time with your kids on a day off? Name one of your favorite destinations for a family holiday?

I plan outdoor activities, play online game with them, and answer all their curious questions. As for our favourite destination, anywhere with the sun and sea is usually our go-to destination.

Trisha 4

Outfit, Accessories & shoes: Fendi

Let’s talk about parenting, three tips that you follow & believe every parent should?

I am just being their best friend, giving them love and care, sharing and exchanging thoughts.  Basically, I always remind myself, they are still very young but they should have their own opinions and I don’t treat them like “I am your mother, you must listen to me, instead I explain, share my thoughts on that particular situation, and let them choose the answer.”

One piece of advice for our lovely readers?

Wake up every day with gratitude for the life that you have. Whatever happens in life, remember good things give us great experience, and challenging things give us great lesson.

Spill some secrets about your upcoming plans?

Yes, there is exciting news. My fashion brand, Trisha vu swimwear is returning and coming your way in May.