Here are trends for dacor to add to your bathroom to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Take a look.

With time, our bathrooms become more than just another utility room in the house. It becomes a place for us to not just relax, but also let go and be our vulnerable self. From having hot showers to a soothing bubble bath (preferably with a glass of wine) after a hectic day from work, that space becomes our personal haven to unwind. So, to keep the good vibe going, we bring to you some quick and easy dacor tips to add some aesthetics.

Mirror-mirror on the wall

Certainly, mirrors have a lot of charm and can add also adds a virtual illusion that helps small spaces look bigger. A decorative mirror with clay adornments on the side border can be a pretty addition to your restroom, giving it a classic look. Furthermore, you can choose from lighted mirrors to vanity mirrors or cabinet mirrors to add your personal touch. Depending on the type of look and size you are aiming for, addition of mirrors can give your bathroom a perfect embellished look.

The Bohemian Touch 

A bohemian stroke can be anything that adds a lot of colours to it, for instance, a flower vase with a vibrant mix of blue and orange coloured flowers, or deep coloured velvet tapestry to adorn those old plain walls. You can even add an air purifying plants which not only add colours to your restroom but a touch of free spirit and quirky ambience. We suggest, go for the aromatic plants to give your bathroom that soothing fragrance as you walk in.

Contemporary Wallpapers

Wallpapers are not only limited to your bedrooms and halls but can be a game-changer in your shower area too! Graphic wallpapers, one of the latest trends this year, is one of them. Ralph Lauren’s pinstripe wallpaper was amongst the most trending choices on Pinterest when it came to bathroom designs. Vintage wallpapers or posters from your favourite TV series or show can also be a good option. Lastly, you can create your own little art gallery with motivational quotes and unique pictorial pieces placed randomly everywhere in your washroom. Besides giving the whole space a lively look, it sure will uplift your mood too!

Statement Lights

Statement lighting might sound too much, but it’s in swing this season! Lighting is traditionally created using scones, but adding a chandelier from big to medium size can make a huge difference. A classic white bathroom with a bright golden chandelier is no longer a fantasy or a picture in a movie scene, but something that you can bring home now. Be it bronze, golden, silver or black, choose from any solid colour, and just make sure you decide on how your bathroom should look before picking the lights so that your chandelier remains the prime focus.