Checkmate, If You Get Your Hands On This Chess Set It’s
A Victory Dance. If The Game Of Chess Doesn’t Tickle
Your Fancy, I Bet Diamonds Are More Your Style!

You have arrived in the most surreal land where we present to you everything exquisite. This time we have a game of intellect and elegance, now adorned with the brilliance of diamonds. Drumroll! We present to you The Royal Diamond Chess Set. Produced under the meticulous eye of Charles Hollander, the opulent Royal Diamond Chess Set aims to captivate your heart from the very first glance.

Debuted in 1996, this Royal Diamond Chess Set is designed by renowned French artist, designer, and master jeweler Bernard Maquin. The Royal Diamond Chess Set reigns supreme, a breathtaking testament to luxury and craftsmanship. A stunning ensemble adorned with a staggering 9900 black and white diamonds, collectively sparkling with an awe-inspiring weight of 186 carats, the set exudes an air of unparalleled grandeur. Crafted with the utmost precision, it boasts 1168.75 grams of 14-carat white gold, lending a majestic gleam to its intricate design. But that’s not all – 186.57 grams of silver add a touch of elegance to this exquisite creation.

Prepare to be amazed by the creation of this exquisite masterpiece, set to steal the spotlight in your living space! Beyond its dazzling exterior, lies a hidden narrative of sheer commitment. Thirty talented artisans channeling their passion and spirit into crafting this wonder, devoting over 4500 hours of meticulous artistry to breathe life into this jaw-dropping marvel, this is how  The Royal Diamond Chess Set” was given birth!

Each piece in this celestial ensemble exudes extravagance, boasting a lavish fusion of 14-karat white gold and an impeccable array of diamonds. The king, a regal monarch bedecked with a resplendent, sparkling diamond, reigning supreme over his court of queens, bishops, knights, rooks, and pawns, each adorned with a symphony of white and black diamonds. The combined karat weight, a staggering 186 karats, illuminates the board like a galaxy of celestial jewels. With its unparalleled design and luxurious craftsmanship, the Royal Diamond chess set stands as a testament to refinement and prestige, beckoning players into a realm where sophistication meets strategic brilliance. It’s not merely a game; it’s an embodiment of elegance and sheer magnificence that elevates the very essence of chess to a realm fit for royalty.