Loud And Clear, Skincare Is Having A Moment – Some New Techniques, While Some Re-Invented. So, Let Your Skin Take The Centre Stage For Yourself With The Wands We Have For You! Read On And Discover!

Let’s admit it, taking care of your skin isn’t all that easy, especially with a new skincare trend propping up every now and then. Somewhere between the sandwiched layers of potions and lotions, skincare went from being a form of self-care to a full-time job.

Within the last few years, the concept of skincare has evolved quite a bit and has definitely garnered a loyal audience—even if you’re one cleanser, moisturiser, and sunscreen sort of human. With each passing day, we find ourselves sailing smoothly through the seven seas of newer products, cooler brands, and ingenious trends globally.

Talking about brands, we came across a skincare brand, Vie En Rose, which you would need to look out for in the coming year. Find ahead for yourself!



Founder and CEO Malea Rose developed some skin issues ranging from allergic reactions and dryness to sensitivity and hyperpigmentation. She got back to her roots and returned to what her mother had taught her and brought science-backed
results into her daily life.

Malea was exposed to the world of clean skincare by going back to her mother’s natural skincare method, and she shared her remedies with the world. That is how she gave birth to Vie En Rose. Made in the USA, Vie En Rose was built by Malea herself as a female-founded, female-led company. She has spent over two years in developing her products and has handpicked each and every ingredient made in small batches for this Vegan, Clean, Cruelty-free brand.

The brand centres around luxury, anti-ageing products formulated with potent ingredients from science + nature, such as CBD and Cannarose (the brand’s exclusive ingredient). Her Vie En Rose Ash + Smoke Creamy Charcoal Cleanser complements together with the Vie En Rose Mile High Mist and Love Potion Beauty Oil. Let’s dig deeper into the deets and find out how!



Vie En Rose Ash + Smoke Creamy Charcoal Cleanser dissolves dullness and lets your radiant complexion shine through with added pineapple enzyme and lactic acid. This charcoal facial cleanser formula deeply cleanses, unclogging pores, and removes dirt and excess oil. Jammed with activated charcoal, which goes deep into the pores and detoxifies deep within the skin, removing dirt, oil, debris, and waterproof makeup! The activated charcoal powder balances your skin’s pH levels as Alpine rose stem cell nourishes and rejuvenates, leaving a hydrated and supple finish – no dry or tight-feeling skin.

Packed with 14 antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Botanicals, including green tea leaf extract, willow herb extract, and coffee leaf/seed extract, with antioxidant protection to help reduce inflammation, leaving skin balanced and supple. It is also infused with Swiss Glacier, coconut, and rose water to reduce inflammation and bring balance while nourishing oils and vitamins like rosehip seed oil and Vitamin C and E, giving skin an extra boost by locking in moisture, keeping skin soft and luscious for the perfect canvas during the day. Moreover, this pore-tightening cleansing cream gently removes impurities, leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated.


Mist and oil

Mile High Ultra-Hydrating Mist, an all-day everyday spray, is a frosted bottle with a gorgeous rose gold spray diffuser that dispenses a significant rose-scented mist. Ingredients derived from watermelon rind, ripened apple, organic aloe vera, and hyaluronic acid to deliver soothing hydration in dehydrated and inflamed skin. This heavenly mist uses Swiss glacier water, coconut water, and rosewater to instantly quench thirsty skin with a potent cocktail of electrolytes and H2O to balance oil and your skin’s pH. Locks in moisture for up to 24 hours and enriches your bliss anytime you need, blesses an ultimate skin- pampering moment.


Mist and oil

Love Potion Beauty Oil is a fast-absorbing and soothing facial elixir combined with the luscious benefits of rosehip, sea buckthorn, vitamins C and E, squalene, + 300mg broad-spectrum CBD oil to nourish the skin. Are you ready to beat the weather? Unleash your skin’s most radiant self-with fast absorbing, high in vitamin E + C, sea buckthorn, pure rose oil, squalene…to name a few. The glass bottle with a dropper tip dispenses a quickly absorbed golden oil that is naturally rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and anti-inflammatories. Two drops of this potent, fast-absorbing collagen-boosting face oil are all that you need.