Are You A Sucker For Crystals And Pianos? Don’t Worry We Have Got You The Best Of Both In One! Read On To Get Your Hands On One Of The Most Expensive Piano Keys In The World!

Each one of us is a hoarder of something or the other, whether it is collector of dreams, memories, instruments and objects. But the desire to accumulate physical objects seems to be inherent. While collections inside your mind is an interesting hobby to cultivate, they don’t feel solid beneath your head until you don’t invest the money. Exhibitions of a rare object draws thousands of visitors, each eager to glance the individual pieces up closer and personally. You can also get an endearing and expensive item that adds to your happiness, prestige and entertainment.

Kawai has launched a special Crystal Piano, widely acclaimed by many top professional pianists. The brand was established in 1927 and has in its portfolio a large spectrum of musical instruments. The casework, lid, and legs are all fashioned from industrial grade acrylic, spectacularly revealing the inner workings of the instrument. It also gives the piano a unique visual presence. The resulting mirror like finish allows the instrument to both fully reveal its inner workings, and be highly reflective. Refracted light transforms into a spectrum of colour. This semi transparent crystal grand piano has been designed to showcase the frame, strings, and keyboard action of the piano utilizing industrial grade acrylic material.

‘Crystal’ in crystal pianos refers to the fortified Lucite alloy that the piano’s body is made of – not the rhinestone crystals as many might mistakenly imagine. In keeping with traditional grand piano design, it bows to the classic outlines and simple elegance of concert hall instruments. It weighs in around 930 pounds which is 30% more than a traditional piano of adequate size. It also dazzles with its high tech transparency. The sound of this grand piano is remarkably indistinguishable from the performance concert grand pianos. Kawai uses its proprietary Neotex keys material which is made of silica filled semi porous cellulose compound that provides an amazing, ivory like high grade professional experience for the pianist. The material absorbs sweat and natural oils and improves finger traction thus minimizing accidental slippage.

With an outer cabinet made almost entirely of clear acrylic material, the Crystal Grand gives you the unusual opportunity to “see right through”. Yes, you heard right! This grand piano allows you to view its inner workings! Won’t you want to be a proud owner of this crystal piano? Giving you an opportunity to play crystal music with passion!