Wanna know this woman’s secret? She is shining not just because of her bang-on makeup, but her courage, strength, self-esteem & not to forget good serum. While the world is focusing on looking at beauty through a Eurocentric lens. Sonia, an African-American model, and influencer is displaying the aesthetics from Africa!

Team Credits –
Model: Sonia Barbie Tucker @sonia_barbie_tucker
Photographer: Frank Zhang @frankzhangny
Hair & Make-up Stylist: Fabiana Graziani @fabiana_graziani
Lighting Assistant: Alex Mei
Lighting Assistant: Natalia Restrepo @natalia.resbeauty
Retoucher: Darya Zagornaya @darya_dariart_retoucher

Make-Up Products Used –
Primer: Yves Saint Laurent
Face Moisturizer: Embryolisse
Foundation: Fenty Beauty
Eyeshadow: Pat McGrath
Lipstick: Bobbi Brown
Face Powder: Milk

Sonia 2
Sonia 3
Sonia 4
Sonia 5
Sonia 6
Sonia 7