With Nothing Short Of A Glare, Alina, Opens Up About Her Prolonged Brand And Some Deeply Personal Journey Behind. So, Brace Yourselves! 

Team Credits:
Model: Anna Yakovleva @annyakovleva.ay
International Model Agency: DIAMOND
Photographer: Daria Koso @daria.koso.photo
Makeup and hair: Daria Marchik @makeupbydariia
Outfit: Inamore @inamoreofficial
Founder: Alina Petrone @alinaptrn
PR: @multi_publications

What inspired the inception of your brand, and how has that initial vision evolved over time?

Our inspiration came from wanting to provide confident women with trendy, luxurious dresses that are both high-quality and stylish. We aimed to make these dresses accessible to those who appreciate the finer things in life without being too expensive. Our focus has always been on offering a blend of glamorous allure and sexy elegance for confident women without compromising on quality, and that’s still our guiding principle today.

Could you share the story behind the choice of our brand’s name and how it reflects the essence of your offerings?

The name ‘INAMORE’ symbolizes self-love and empowerment. Derived from ‘in amore,’ meaning ‘in love,’ it mirrors our dedication to empowering women who embrace themselves fully. Our offerings cater to individuals’ confidence in their skin while aligning perfectly with the essence of our brand name.

Owning Conspicuous Presence

“The name ‘INAMORE’ symbolizes self-love and empowerment. Derived from ‘in amore,’ meaning ‘in love’.”

In the ever-changing landscape of consumer preferences, how does your brand stay adaptable while maintaining a consistent identity?

We stay adaptable by tuning in to our customers’ changing tastes. However, our brand essence remains rooted in celebrating confidence, elegance, and timeless style. Inspired by the glamorous era of supermodels and the iconic 90s runway, we reimagine its essence for today’s confident, adventurous women. Our designs blend nostalgia with modern trends, ensuring an empowering fashion vibe.

Sustainability is a growing concern. How does your brand address environmental and ethical considerations in its production processes?

At INAMORE, sustainability is fundamental in our process. Each piece is crafted with ethical considerations. We conscientiously source materials and use ethical manufacturing practices, aiming to minimize our environmental impact. Additionally, we limit production quantities to reduce waste, and when a design is highly sought-after, we offer pre-orders to minimize excess production and lower our environmental impact.

Owning Conspicuous Presence

“Inspired by the glamorous era of supermodels and the iconic 90s runway, we reimagine its essence for today’s confident, adventurous women.”

Customer engagement is crucial. What strategies does your brand employ to connect with and understand its audience?

Instagram serves as our key platform for audience engagement. Here, we foster a vibrant community by sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes content and collaborating with influencers and fashion enthusiasts. This approach allows us to gather a range of diverse perspectives and preferences, ensuring our brand remains deeply connected and relevant to our audience.

Collaborations have become a trend. Are there any dream partnerships your brand envisions, and what value would they bring?

Our dream collaboration definitely would be with the iconic Kate Moss, synonymous with the supermodel era and influential in shaping 90s fashion – a period that deeply inspires our brand. A collaboration with Kate Moss would bring unparalleled value by merging her timeless style with our contemporary designs, creating a collection that transcends eras. This partnership would not only celebrate the essence of the 90s runway but also embody the confidence, elegance, and adventurous spirit that define both INAMORE and Kate Moss.