Watch Out World We Are Presenting: A Real-Life Mermaid With Pure Elegance And Grace, Making Our Hearts Stop! Her Looks Are Everything Fashion And Every Bit Unmissable.

Team Credits:
Model: Alina Robu alinarobu
Cody&Skip studio
Photographer: Boyu Chen @codyboyu
Makeup: Zihang Sheng @skipsheng
Hair: Ning Fang
Stylist: Zihang Sheng @skipsheng
Jewellery: Bvlgari @bulgari
Location: Hotel Bvlgari Beijing

Classy, Sassy and Oh-so-fashionable! Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of our Cover Star, Alina Robu. Bringing the fashion thunder with modern flair, she is a real reflection of her personality – a beautiful blend of timeless charm and contemporary elegance. Looking resplendent in the classic ensemble she carries with an incredible and enchanting aura, looks like a classic mermaid has come to life in her spectacular attire! The hair! The dress! The jewellery! A true epitome of beauty, and grace, her timeless beauty is not just skin deep, but it radiates from within. Want to know how? Read the entire conversation we had with her!

Alina Robu Got Heavenly Curves Screaming Grace - Exclusive Interview!

Dress: Gucci haute couture, costume couture mermaid “Cody&Skip Studio”
Jewellery: Bvlgari @bulgari

A very warm welcome to you, Alina! Would you like to tell us about your career and how has your journey been so far?

Thank you for having me. Ever since I was a young girl, I have been fascinated by the world of fashion and its unique environment. When I was only 14 years old, I got scouted and offered my first contract in Paris. That was the beginning of my career, but with hard work, passion, and a fair amount of chance, I made it to the level where I am today.

What has been your biggest inspiration for all your endeavours in life?

I’ve always been inspired by people from various backgrounds and different cultures rather than a single person, mentor, or celebrity. The striving for self-expression has always been an integral part of my character. Success, recognition, and achievements are the result of my dedication to this principle. My rule is, no matter how much success or inspiration I get, to always stay true to myself and my journey to achieve what I think I can without unrealistic illusions. To “Be Myself” is my forever motto.

Was it difficult to become a top model?

To be a top model, you have to adhere to certain aesthetic criteria, which, however, are not limited to purely physical attributes. My physical appearance invariably plays a big part in the industry that celebrates eye-pleasing features, but it is my work ethic, discipline, and capability to perform in a highly stressful environment, always striving to be myself at each moment, that I consider it being my most rewarding features. I do not wish to be perceived solely on the merit of my looks but rather as someone with a message of elegance, grace, and glamour.

Alina Robu Got Heavenly Curves Screaming Grace - Exclusive Interview!

Dress: Costume couture mermaid “Cody&Skip Studio”
Jewellery: Bvlgari @bulgari

 Out of all the projects you’ve done so far, which one’s your favourite and why?

Well, that’s a tough question because I have many projects that are very dear to my heart. But the most special of all would be my collaborations with Bvlgari, the famous Italian jewellery brand. I’m fond of it not only because I like their jewellery, which is breathtaking, but due to the philosophy, lifestyle, and glamour of the brand that make it particularly desirable and attractive.

And the people I’ve met there are professional, as they are light-hearted and supportive in a truly Italian fashion. It has been and still is a uniquely vibrant and passionate partnership that means the world to me in terms of professional achievement and satisfaction. They make me feel like a part of a large family, considering the challenges we face in our work, it helps us to strengthen and expand our bond with each project we do. I am tremendously grateful for that.

You look extremely glamorous at any given time, the secret behind your natural beauty is still unheard of. Would you like to share some of your secrets with us?

I think the secret is that I try to live a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. I practise sports and especially running and Jiujitsu. With sports, I try to have a balanced routine filled with physical and mental activities. I strive for equilibrium in my life and to remember that even good things are only so in moderation.

How do you define your sense of fashion and styling?

In my view, the ultimate elegance in fashion is simple, essential, and natural. In that sense, for instance, I prefer the stylistic austerity of Chanel, the extravagant brand that necessarily mirrors my way of living, which is down-to-earth and close to reality.

Alina Robu Got Heavenly Curves Screaming Grace - Exclusive Interview!

Dress: Costume couture mermaid “Cody&Skip Studio”
Jewellery: Bvlgari @bulgari

Suppose someone wants to take you out on a date. What are the requirements they have to fill in?

The first thing I pay attention to is personality. To me, it’s not so much the appearance or the money but like-mindedness, as I spend a fair amount of time in learning, sharing, laughing, and discovering. For me, it is the character and mind that count the most in my considerations for dating a partner. And if a man has a charming smile, then it is even better.

What does success mean to you? And which is the main motto you swear by?

Success for me is to fully accomplish my dreams, which is not always easy because I have a lot of dreams, but I measure success by my happiness and accomplishments. The goal is to accomplish oneself, to do good to others and to share the greatest moments and the toughest ones with people I love. My Motto is in the Latin “carpe diem”, which means “enjoy the moment,” and “live in the moment “, and I try as much as I can to live in every moment.

Alina Robu Got Heavenly Curves Screaming Grace - Exclusive Interview!

Dress: Costume couture mermaid “Cody&Skip Studio”
Jewellery: Bvlgari @bulgari

What words of advice do you have for people who aspire to flourish in the field of modelling?

I would say that modelling is not only a matter of physical appearance but as I mentioned earlier, it is very much a matter of attitude, determination, and love for what you do. You shouldn’t do modelling only for the sake of money and recognition, but because you feel a true passion for this particular endeavour. Modelling is similar to acting in some ways, as you become a face of a brand that you represent. As with acting, the passion and devotion to the art are in the details, how you approach your work, and whether you are truly committed with all of your energy. You can do it mechanically, or you can approach it with passion and reverence for the craft and the difference can be striking. Despite the somewhat popular notion that modelling is dispassionate, it is ironically quite opposite, as the very essence of this craft is to convey and illicit an emotion, a response.

Lastly, spill some secrets about your upcoming projects.

I’m a model, but I’m also an actress and acting is more interesting to me. When you model for a few years, events tend to repeat themselves, not that is annoying, but it’s kind of less challenging, as I know the rules, I know the codes, and after a few years, it becomes less exciting as in the beginning. Acting is a permanent reinventing of myself, so this is what I’m most focused on at the moment, my movie career.