Meet Alice Chen, a visionary content creator and digital creative director who is shaping the landscape of fashion and self-expression. Currently based in New York City, she shares her journey from her global studies to the evolution of her style. In this exclusive interview, she opens up about the inspiration behind her collaborative collection – Alice x Le Crescendo. She offers empowering insights for those who aspire to navigate the world of content creation with authenticity and grace.

Team Credits:
Model and Creative Director: Alice Chen @aliceisnotfun
Photographer: David Luo @davidluophoto

In Conversation with Alice Chen - Unveiling Elegance

To begin, please tell us about your background for those who are still trying to get to know you.

I’m Alice Chen, a content creator and social media digital creative director based in New York City. I’ve pursued my studies in various countries, and my content reflects my personal growth journey. I primarily focused my content on fashion and lifestyle, aiming to inspire women to appreciate themselves more and embrace their bodies.

What do you enjoy most about being a content creator?

Being a content creator is truly exciting. It allows me to explore different styles and collaborate with creative individuals. Moreover, the process requires constant self-reflection and lets me gauge what I’ve learned and discovered and the messages I wish to convey to my audience. This continuous self-evaluation has been immensely beneficial for my personal growth, turning my plans into reality.

How has your personal style evolved since you entered the public eye?

My style has undergone significant changes since I started this journey. Initially, I have favoured cute girly outfits ensuring to cover my entire body. But currently, I prefer comfortable ensembles that showcase my body curves in a way which makes me feel elegant. Now, I believe that one’s fashion aligns with different life stages, reflecting personal and mental growth.

In Conversation with Alice Chen - Unveiling Elegance

What does fashion mean to you, and who was your muse when you created the collaboration collection Alice x Le Crescendo?

Fashion serves as a profound inspiration for me, extending beyond outfits and style to encompass the exploration of human gender and personality expression. My commitment to body positivity has thoroughly motivated the collaboration collection. I aimed to create a line that promotes comfort and confidence and encourages people of all body types to embrace their uniqueness.

Could you share the concept behind the collection, and what makes it unique?

The main message of the collection is to encourage individuals to feel comfortable in their bodies, regardless of their shape or size. Drawing inspiration from my own uncomfortable experiences with body image, I want those who wear my collection to feel a sense of commonality, knowing that they are not alone in their journey towards self-acceptance.

Have you ever experienced discrimination or people doubting your ability to handle the job in any workplace because of being a plus-size model? 

Fortunately, I haven’t encountered discrimination in the workplace. I don’t consider myself a plus-size model, having worn nothing extra-large. While working in New York, I felt accepted and comfortable, but upon returning to mainland China, I sensed judgment based on societal beauty standards. Ironically, those who have faced body image issues can sometimes perpetuate judgment against others.


In Conversation with Alice Chen - Unveiling Elegance

You are currently based in New York City; how has the city influenced your creative side?

New York City, a dream for many, has had a profound impact on my creativity. The diversity in people and their styles, coupled with the fearlessness in self-expression, has been influential. The city’s energy and the confidence possessed by its residents, who are unafraid of judgments, have inspired me to incorporate these elements into my creative work.

What are your upcoming plans for the future?

In the next few months, I have planned to establish my studio in New York City.

What message do you have for those who aspire to follow in your footsteps?

Even if you feel imperfect and don’t conform to beauty standards, know that you can still feel pretty and confident. Stand proudly by yourself, and always remember to appreciate and love who you are. That’s the main message I want to convey to my audience.