Fully embrace summer with these citrussy floral scents. Read on to find out the ones we are currently loving.

Whether you find a perfect match on your favourite dating app or not doesn’t matter as much as finding your match made in scent heaven! Before you start exclaiming that we’re wrong, just hear us out. Fragrance is the most important tool in your arsenal – wield it wisely and you will reap an exorbitant amount of blessings. But, use it half-heartedly, and you will end up ruining whatever impression you have managed to leave on the people around you.

Finding the perfect fragrance is a true labour of love. It is personal and may lead you on a journey. It could be fun or it could be tedious depending upon your preference but we are here to make your journey as fun as it could be! Here are the fragrances that our nose has been loving lately and we are sure yours would love them too. So, what are you waiting for now? Take your pick and be prepared to make the people around you swoon with pleasure!



Neroli Sauvage from Creed

A vibrant and extremely juicy scent, Neroli Sauvage is the perfect scent for summer. The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Creed and Neroli refers to the blossoms from the bitter orange tree while Sauvage means ‘wild.’ The fragrance comes in an ultra-luxurious bottle that will look amazing on your vanity. A high-quality citrus fragrance, the top notes are of mandarin, peppermint and petit grain. The heart notes are orange tarragon, Brazilian Pintango orange, and neroli whilst the base notes are carraway, rosemary, lemon and mint. The fragrance is unique and is not really as neroli-centred overall but is an elegant take on a green fresh fragrance that has a pleasant scent and leaves a lasting impression on the nose. It is appropriate to wear at any time of day and any occasion and is guaranteed to bring a smile on your face as soon as you spray it on yourself.



Cherry Blossom Milessime 2022 from Guerlain

Guerlain does not do anything by halves and that is always visible in their exceptional creations. The Cherry Bloom is no exception. With only 2605 numbered pieces, the fragrance is a must-have especially if you love to own exceptional and luxurious fragrances. Guerlain celebrates the annual hanami tradition every year with a limited and numbered edition of Cherry Blossom in an iconic Bee Bottle. For the 2022 edition, Guerlain brought on board Kyoko Création founded by the Japanese artist Kyoko Sugiura to craft the delicate floral arrangement on its flacon. This fragrance aimed to express the emotion born from hanami and the fragrance has accomplished that beautifully. The top notes are green tea and bergamot and the middle notes are lilac, jasmine and cherry blossom with the base note of white musk. The radiant bergamot and green tea blend together beautifully and evoke another ancient ritual from Japan. With immaculate notes, this delicate fragrance is highly coveted and for every good reason!