Taking your night time experience a notch above, sleeping on this bed will be like floating in the clouds!

When it comes to ensuring a sound sleep experience, there should be no compromise. The past decade has seen varied yet impressive innovations in this area, from medically designed mattresses to custom made ones. With something new and exciting hitting the market with each second, what if we tell you that there is a Floating Bed that costs nearly 1.6 Million USD!

Created and designed by the Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars, the bed works using the opposite polarity function of magnets, hence there is no requirement of electricity to keep it afloat. In a world where everything is controlled by gravity, this one sure defies it. With extensive research and engineering involved, the bed is tied with four thin cable wires that helps it suspend about 1.2 feet above the ground. Furthermore, the cables also ensure that there are no unnecessary jerks or movements, keeping the bed stationary in one place so that your beauty sleep is completely undisturbed!

Working hand in hand with scientists from Bakker Magnetics, Janjaap won several awards as well for the Floating Bed. Although the technology and innovation get full marks here, the comfort might be under question. With no side supports enclosing the magnet strip, and the fact that it in fact is a cold hard strip acting as your bed, a few tweaks to accessories might be necessary.


Floating Bed Worth: 1.2 Million USD

Coming to the quality, however, the makers ensure that they have used never weakening permanent magnets for both top and bottom so that clearly ensures the longevity of this ultra costly bed. So if you too are looking for a unique and rare addition of furniture to your home, this could be just the thing!