Wishing to renovate your children’s room, but stuck for ideas? Here are some room décor ideas that your kids are sure to love.

As a parent, there is a multitude of things you need to keep in mind when it comes to your child’s bedroom. Safety, incorporating child-friendly elements, and ample space for the children so that they don’t feel suffocated are the most important aspects of room designing to be kept in mind. Your child will view their bedroom as a safe space, so its designing should be done keeping their choices in mind. Every child has a unique personality and interests. When designing their room, you need to be mindful of this and make sure you incorporate their personalities and interests in the design so your little ones can actually enjoy spending time in their room. A touch of luxury goes a long way and we are here to provide you with just that. We have a pink bedroom for the girls, a blue bedroom for the boys, and a completely gender-neutral bedroom for those children who wish their room to look that way. Fun, quirky, as well as cute – these rooms nail the brief perfectly! Your little one is surely going to be over the moon when you unveil their new room to them. So, go ahead, choose what suits your child best and gift them their dream room ASAP!


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Pink bedroom

For your princess, we have brought the perfect room design. Pink is the colour predominantly used in girls’ bedrooms. Even we decided to go the traditional route this way and suggest a room with pink walls. Paint one wall white and add contrast and balance to the room. You can also go with other soft colours like purple, soft green, soft grey, lavender, and peaches, etc. If you don’t want plain walls, you could opt for wallpapers as well. For wallpapers, try to seek inspiration from nature and opt for patterns like butterflies, rainbows, or flowers; the flower motif is quite in trend right now. We would also suggest you build a theme before you build the room. This will help you achieve an elegantly stylish room that your little girl will adore.

For the décor elements, we have a lot of suggestions for you: you can add geometric shapes on one wall, or a 3D butterfly-decorated wall. Fairy lights work really well to give a soft, happy feel to the room, a canopy bed can be added, or even a library wall will work really well. If you wish to add a personal touch, you can also add a small handmade wall hanging.


bathroom trends

Blue bedroom

We have a plethora of ideas for your champ’s room as well. Although you might think it sounds strange, but the design trends for boys’ and girls’ rooms this year are similar. The light, neutral colours used for girls’ rooms and the ones for boys are almost the same, just the undertones are different. For boys’ rooms, they are colder. The colour preference for boys is always blue, but this year, blue for boys’ rooms are also in trend. Navy blue is particularly popular currently. But, if you don’t want a completely blue room, you can opt for green or grey ones in combination to not blur the picture or overwhelm the room. The geometric design trend works for boys’ rooms as well. You can also make use of the space or jungle themes if you don’t wish for a completely plain room.

For decor elements, we suggest an indoor slide as the best choice. But if that doesn’t fit your aesthetic, we recommend adding a truck bed. Footballs can be placed on a shelf as décor, or add in a basketball hoop. You could also add a wall of built-in shelves, and don’t be afraid of playing around with patterns on the wallpaper.


bathroom trends

Gender-neutral bedroom

Gender-neutral bedrooms provide your children with an inclusive space that is gender-positive and fluid enough to help them embrace themselves. Whether your children share a room and you need to stop fights over the colour of the room or if your child prefers a gender-neutral bedroom instead of the traditional pink or blue, we have some ideas for that as well. Just because you’re keeping it gender-neutral, doesn’t mean it needs to be completely colourless; add in bright rainbow colours! Include all the colours and you will have 0 fights on your hands. You can also use neutral colours like grey, brown, or a black-and-white theme. Add in train sets and soft toys for balance and you’re all set. Play with textures for the walls and you can add in wickerwork for a rustic look.

Wood detailing works great for gender-neutral bedrooms, and so do rugs. Add in brass detailing and play up the room’s best features. Small accessories also add in a bright touch to the room, adding in paintings will give the room a more personal touch. Don’t be afraid to play around with the themes a little bit. Keep it minimal and simple and your child is sure to love it.