Modelling the future with style and strategy, Quiggle Ignacio’s dual role of being both a model and an entrepreneur while blending elegance with ambition. Modelling the future with style and strategy she ties both aspects together.

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Intersection of Beauty and Compassion – Exclusive Interview With Quiggle Ignacio!

Talking of humble beginnings, tell us about the realization when you thought of opting for a career in both fashion modelling and entrepreneurship.

The Intersection of Beauty and Compassion

In her early years, @quiggleignacio discovered her passion for QUGEMED, a beauty and wellness mobile service that goes beyond skin-deep transformations. Founded by the visionary @quiggleignacio, QUGEMED’s mission is to enhance lives through personalized treatments addressing both physical and emotional well-being.

@quiggleignacio realized that empowering individuals to feel their best, inside and out, was about more than just surface-level changes. Simultaneously, the impactful work of Bright Source hospice care touched her deeply, highlighting the importance of compassion and empathy in providing comfort and support during vulnerable times.

Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, @quiggleignacio envisioned bridging these worlds: aesthetics and compassion. Thus began her journey as a QUGEMED medical aesthetics entrepreneur.

Starting with a humble mobile clinic, @quiggleignacio blended expertise in aesthetics with an unwavering commitment to compassionate care. Despite challenges in balancing aesthetics and hospice demands, she persisted, fuelled by the belief that beauty and compassion could coexist.

Today, @quiggleignacio’s mobile clinic thrives as a haven where beauty meets empathy. Her story illustrates that from humble beginnings, extraordinary destinations emerge, where passion, purpose, and entrepreneurship intersect.

Intersection of Beauty and Compassion – Exclusive Interview With Quiggle Ignacio!

What challenges have you faced in your career, and how have they influenced your work?

The Balancing Act: Navigating Modeling and Entrepreneurship

Juggling a thriving business, a demanding modelling career and personal commitments is no small feat for @quiggleignacio. Prioritizing tasks, delegating responsibilities, and maintaining a structured schedule became essential strategies for her time management.

While the modelling industry demands physical and mental resilience, @quiggleignacio realized the importance of self-care. Regular exercise, meditation, and downtime became non-negotiable for maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Facing challenges forced @quiggleignacio to adapt swiftly, seamlessly switching between roles as an entrepreneur and a model. This adaptability extended into her business strategies, where flexibility became her ally.

Empathy toward clients grew from personal struggles, leading to exceptional customer service. Her resilience, learned from the modelling world, helped her navigate setbacks in both her business and personal life.

Balancing diverse roles sparked creativity, leading @quiggleignacio to find innovative solutions to time conflicts and enriching her work in both fields.

Behind the glamour lies an unseen strength—@quiggleignacio’s resilience, embodying the fusion of beauty, business acumen, and humanity. Her challenges have sculpted her into a multifaceted force, inspiring others with her determination, balance, and unwavering passion.

Intersection of Beauty and Compassion – Exclusive Interview With Quiggle Ignacio!

How do you approach branding yourself as both a model and an entrepreneur?

Crafting a Dual-Identity Brand: The @quiggleignacio Approach

Authenticity is paramount for @quiggleignacio as she crafts her dual-identity brand. Embracing both her modelling allure and entrepreneurial spirit, she ensures her brand reflects the genuine fusion of these facets.

@quiggleignacio maintains a unified message across platforms, seamlessly weaving her narrative whether she’s on the runway or strategizing business growth.

Her visual identity is curated with elegance, confidence, and versatility, aligning seamlessly from her Instagram feed to her business website.

Infusing her brand with entrepreneurial values, @quiggleignacio prioritizes integrity, innovation, and customer-centricity in all her endeavours.

Storytelling intertwines her modelling journey with entrepreneurial insights, sharing how runway experiences inspire business ideas and how resilience fuels her entrepreneurial fire.

Leveraging her modelling platform for thought leadership, @quiggleignacio shares insights on entrepreneurship, beauty, and holistic well-being, amplifying her voice responsibly.

Adapting gracefully between roles, @quiggleignacio thrives on versatility, whether posing for a magazine or closing a deal.

Using her influence responsibly, @quiggleignacio ensures endorsements and collaborations align with her brand ethos, bridging her dual identity seamlessly.

Strategic collaborations amplify her brand, partnering with both fashion designers and startup accelerators to create a harmonious whole.

Behind the glamour and boardroom meetings lies an unseen thread—the heart that beats for both beauty and business. @quiggleignacio’s brand is a symphony of elegance and entrepreneurship, thriving in the dance of duality.

Intersection of Beauty and Compassion – Exclusive Interview With Quiggle Ignacio!

How do you prioritize self-care and maintain a healthy work-life balance while juggling multiple roles?

Mastering Self-Care: The @quiggleignacio Way

Self-Awareness: @quiggleignacio prioritizes self-care as a necessity, not a luxury. By tuning into her physical, emotional, and mental well-being, she recognizes when she needs rejuvenation.

Prioritization: Understanding her limits, she prioritizes tasks based on urgency and importance, preventing overwhelm by focusing on modelling or business commitments as needed.

Boundaries: Clear boundaries allow @quiggleignacio to immerse fully in her roles, protecting her energy and preventing burnout whether in “model mode” or focused on entrepreneurial tasks.

Delegate: Recognizing the power of delegation, she shares the load with assistants or teams during photoshoots, ensuring quality without sacrificing her well-being.

Self-Care Rituals: Non-negotiable self-care rituals like meditation or spa sessions anchor her amidst the chaos, providing vital rejuvenation.

Flexibility: Embracing life’s unpredictability, she adapts gracefully to unexpected overlaps between modelling gigs and business meetings, reducing stress and frustration.

Wellness Toolbox: Curating practices like exercise and mindfulness, she relies on her wellness toolbox for support during times of stress

Learn to Say No: Strategic no’s protect her time and energy, allowing her to focus on commitments aligned with her priorities.

Celebrate Small Wins: Victories, whether in modelling or business, fuel @quiggleignacio’s motivation as she celebrates each success.

Seek Support: Knowing she doesn’t navigate alone, she leans on mentors and peers for insights and encouragement, staying grounded on her journey.

Intersection of Beauty and Compassion – Exclusive Interview With Quiggle Ignacio!

How do you infuse your personal style and experiences into your designs or creative endeavours?

Personal Touch in Healthcare Design

Distinctive Aesthetics: @quiggleignacio’s personal style influences her mobile clinic’s design, creating a sleek modern look or a cosy, welcoming vibe.

Functional Beauty: Her clinic balances functionality with beauty, prioritizing clean lines, calming colours, or innovative materials for a harmonious atmosphere.

User-Centric Approach: Informed by her experiences as both patient and practitioner, @quiggleignacio ensures comfort, efficiency, and thoughtful design elements that meet user needs.

Branding: Consistency in visual elements extends her personal brand into the clinic, reinforcing trust and recognition.

Empathy and Compassion: In her hospice agency service design, @quiggleignacio’s empathy for patients drives soft tones, gentle textures, and spaces for reflection.

Holistic Elements: Nature-inspired elements, art, and soothing music reflect her belief in holistic care and emotional well-being.

Personal Healing Journey: @quiggleignacio’s own healing journey, influenced by loss or illness, shapes hospice environments focused on solace and dignity.

Artistic Touch: Her artistic flair, seen in custom murals or handcrafted details, adds a unique and comforting touch to the hospice space.

Intersection of Beauty and Compassion – Exclusive Interview With Quiggle Ignacio!

What are your future aspirations or goals for your brand or creative pursuits?

Building Brand Recognition and Expansion

Brand Aspiration: @quiggleignacio envisions her brand as a household name, synonymous with excellence in medical aesthetics and wellness.

Establishing a Strong Presence:

  • Utilize targeted social media campaigns, engaging content, and influencer collaborations to strengthen the online presence.
  • Leverage modeling background to create visually captivating brand identity that resonates with clients.
  • Secure media features and interviews to amplify brand visibility.

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Revolutionize weight loss journeys by offering a holistic program that combines medical expertise, personalized guidance, and emotional support.

  • Develop evidence-based weight loss protocols tailored to individual needs.
  • Collaborate with professionals to create a comprehensive program.
  • Measure success not only in pounds lost but also in improved overall well-being.

Mobile Aesthetics for Botox Fillers:

Redefined convenience and accessibility in aesthetic treatments.

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NAD IV Therapy:

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Thought Leadership and Industry Influence:

Shape conversations around aesthetics, wellness, and self-care.

  • Publish articles, whitepapers, or a blog.
  • Speak at conferences, webinars, or podcasts.
  • Mentor emerging entrepreneurs in the field.

Balancing Personal Life and Business:

Maintain equilibrium between professional success and personal well-being.

  • Set boundaries for family, self-care, and hobbies.
  • Delegate tasks to empower a capable team.
  • Celebrate milestones and recharge regularly.