Our Highly Sought-After Cover Model Brings To The Fore Her Sincerity Of Intent, A Conviction And Her Ultimate Passion For Charity Which Can Move You Deeply.

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Talent: Victoria Hughes @victoriahughesofficial
Photographer: Jim Jordan @jimjordanphotography
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Setting herself apart by being a philanthropist and model, our Cover Star for the November Issue, Victoria Hughes, is as relatable as she is aspirational. The sublime gorgeousness she possesses has imposed her majestic beauty with a power to strive for the people in need. Having conversation with her was nothing short of an encounter with a lady having a golden heart. What are you waiting for? Read ahead how our groundbreaking Cover Star has poured her heart out in an exclusive conversation with us.

Exclusive Interview With Victoria Hughes - Philanthropy Meets Fashion!

Dress: Rita Vinieris @RitaVinieris
Gloves: White Cross Collections @whitecrosscollections
Necklace: Matara Studio @MataraStudio
Earrings: Swarovski @Swarovski

Hello Beautiful! Welcome to L’Officiel! How can you describe yourself in one word?

If I had to pick one word to describe myself, it would say ambitious. As I have been constantly striving to achieve my goals and make a positive impact.

Would you say you’re more of an extrovert or an introverted person?

I’d describe myself as an extrovert person because I enjoy expressing myself, thrive in social settings, and am often the hilarious one in my friend groups.

What was your “life-changing” moment?

My life-changing moment was when I had the opportunity to meet Jim Jordan, a close friend of my dad, a world-renowned celebrity fashion photographer, and a talent scout and manager. He has played a pivotal role in boosting my confidence, provided invaluable mentorship, and guided me as I delved into the world of modelling and fashion.

Exclusive Interview With Victoria Hughes - Philanthropy Meets Fashion!

Top & Skirt: Rita Vinieris @RitaVinieris
Earrings: Matara Studio @MataraStudio
Necklace: Matara Studio @MataraStudio
Bracelet: Omè @Ome.____
Ring: Ivy Jewelry @Ivy.Jewelry.Ca

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

I would choose the USA because it’s such a vast and diverse country with countless unique destinations. Apart from the USA, exploring places like Paris and Milan are also at the top of my list.

What do you like to do in your leisure time?

I love walking, exercising with Pilates, barre, and yoga, as well as swimming, tennis, and netball. Additionally, I love cooking, spending quality time with my family and especially having fun with my brother.

Which is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to?

I’ve had the privilege to visit some breathtaking locations comprising Portugal, Dubai, and Miami; which I find the most beautiful.

Exclusive Interview With Victoria Hughes - Philanthropy Meets Fashion!

Dress: Rita Vinieris @RitaVinieris
Earrings: Matara Studio @MataraStudio
Necklace: Omè @Ome.____
Bracelet: Omè @Ome.____
Ring: Swarovski @Swarovski

What is one of the happiest moments in your life?

One of the happiest moments in my life was when my younger brother, Henry, was born. At that moment, I was six, and the news of having a brother thrilled me. I just couldn’t wait to tell everyone.

How would you like the world to remember you?

I aspire to be remembered for creating a difference in people’s lives, uplifting them, and helping those in need.

What is the best advice someone has ever given you?

The best advice I’ve received is to never give up and to continually strive to reach my full potential. This resilient mindset has been instrumental in my journey.

Exclusive Interview With Victoria Hughes - Philanthropy Meets Fashion!

Dress: Andrea & Leo Couture @Andrea_Leo_Couture
Earrings: Swarovski @Swarovski
Ring: Swarovski @Swarovski
Heels: Bella Belle @BellaBelleShoes

What cause or charity do you most identify with?

I feel a deep connection with helping sick children, especially those battling cancer. This is because a close family member of mine is currently fighting this disease. My personal experience has helped me in giving a profound understanding about the physical and emotional challenges these children undergo whereas their parents endure an emotional rollercoaster. I am proud to offer my unwavering support to my friend, Jimmy Wright. He is undertaking a remarkable Guinness World Record cycling challenge, all in the name of raising funds for the Al Jalila Foundation, a dedicated charity for children with cancer.

Who is your favourite designer?

This is such a hard question! I have a lot of favourite designers, but I appreciate and adore Donatella Versace the most. She has been my favourite for her unique runway creations, and particularly the iconic gold outfits that have graced the runway.

Who are the inspirational figures you look up to?

In the world of modelling, I look up to Gigi Hadid, Taylor Hill, Adriana Lima, and Gisele Bündchen. Whereas, in the philanthropic sector, individuals like Cristiano Ronaldo and Angelina Jolie, who possess dedication to make a difference. They inspire me to continue my own charitable efforts.

Exclusive Interview With Victoria Hughes - Philanthropy Meets Fashion!

Dress: Ivan Young @IvanYoungOfficial
Earrings: Matara Studio @MataraStudio
Bracelet: Omè @Ome.____
Heels: White Cross Collections @whitecrosscollections

How would you describe your personal style, and what are your favourite clothing pieces that reflect it?

I can describe my personal style as a mix of contemporary fashion with a touch of sophistication. I enjoy wearing dresses and pairing jeans with heeled boots for a chic yet comfortable look. While, I also gravitate towards a colourful colour palette, and occasionally am more inclined to incorporate patterns and pastels in my outfits.

Is there a specific fashion era or iconic figure that inspires your fashion choices? If so, how do you incorporate it into your outfits?

Candice Swanepoel is an iconic figure whose outfits and swimwear I completely adore. I draw inspiration from her style choices and incorporate elements of her fashion into my outfits. But I am still ensure to stick along my own twist.

How do you approach fashion as a form of self-expression and empowerment in your life?

I enjoy experimenting with different styles and am keen to evidence how I appear while wearing them. Whereas, wearing dresses let me feel most powerful and creative, as they allow me to express my personality and individuality.

Exclusive Interview With Victoria Hughes - Philanthropy Meets Fashion!

Dress: Andrea & Leo Couture @Andrea_Leo_Couture
Earrings: Omè @Ome.____
Necklace: Ivy Jewelry @Ivy.Jewelry.Ca
Heels: Bella Belle @BellaBelleShoes

Are there any fashion items you can’t live without? What makes them special to you?

I can’t live without fashion items like handbags, especially the Prada handbag that someone gifted to me. Handbags always complete my outfits, adding a touch of elegance and functionality.

If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would you wear?

I love dresses and high heels, but I prefer to wear an outfit comprising joggers and a tank top because they are very comfortable and versatile. This combination provides both comfort and ease of movement, making it suitable for various activities and situations.

Where do you see yourself doing in 20 years?

In the next two decades, I plan to keep helping people, and especially sick kids. I’ll do this by working with non-profit projects that raise funds and offer support to those who need it.

Exclusive Interview With Victoria Hughes - Philanthropy Meets Fashion!

Dress: Ivan Young @IvanYoungOfficial
Earrings: Matara Studio @MataraStudio
Bracelet: Omè @Ome.____

What’s next for Victoria Hughes?

I envision a path that includes more modelling opportunities and continued involvement in philanthropic endeavours. These two aspects of my life are significant to me, and I want to keep making a positive impact in both the fashion industry and the lives of those in need.

What is one message you would give to people who have lost their way?

A message, I would like to share is that it’s never too late to change your path. Life is full of opportunities for growth and transformation. You can always find your way back through a fulfilling and meaningful journey if you have determination and resilience.