We’re Here To Prove Why Your Christmas Trees And Menorahs Aren’t The Only Thing Getting Lit This Season! Wondering How? Look No Further, We Got You Covered!

Need an extra shot of festive cheer this year? We thought you’d never ask! It’s likely not hard to ask for a cocktail, after all the frantic holiday baking, gift shopping, and travel. Though, we’ll gladly take any opportunity to kick back by the fire with a holiday drink i.e. the showstopper at your parties.

Holiday parties deserve a fun signature cocktail. Hoping Santa will restock your home bar for Christmas? Burst your bubble and try out our recipe for Santa’s Hat Cocktail, which can more than do the trick. The secret? It’s beyond easy to make in big batches, which means you don’t have to play bartender all night and everyone is guaranteed to have a glass in hand.

So go ahead and add a whole lot of extra cheer with this festive cocktail recipe! Let’s just say, your Christmas tree, Kwanzaa kinara, and Hanukkah menorah aren’t the only things getting lit this season. With the Santa’s hat cocktail, you’ll become cocktail royalty along with Santa’s favourite nightcap.

Santa’s Hat Cocktail

Santa’s Hat Cocktail

This deep red drink is an ode to a dirty Shirley. You get that fresh lime juice, the kick from the vodka, and the sweetness and colour from grenadine. If you want to have it virgin, just follow our Shirley temple recipe! Don’t forget about the garnishes though. Having it rimmed with sweetened coconut (to mimic some Christmas time snow) will get you from Christmas blues to feeling jolly in no time. So, for those who want to embody the Christmas mood: make a glass of this, and you’re sure to have a Merry Christmas.

• 1 tbsp. store-bought or homemade vanilla frosting
• 1/4 c. sweetened coconut flakes
• 1/2 c. lemon-lime soda
• 2 oz. fresh lime juice
• 2 oz. vodka
• 1 oz. grenadine
• Peppermint stick, for serving

Step 1
Using a small spoon, spread frosting along rim of a martini glass both inside and out, and cover about 1/2” of rim.

Step 2
Onto a small plate wide enough to fit glass, pour coconut. Dip glass into coconut to cover frosting.

Step 3
Add soda, lime juice, vodka, and grenadine to a prepared glass and gently stir to combine the drink. Garnish it with a peppermint stick.