Would You Like To Don A Luxury Bag That Might Hurt You With Thorns? If The Answer Is No, We Have Something That You Need To Know All About.

Who doesn’t want to look their best in today’s world where everything is all about making high-end fashion statements? And oh boy, there is an abundance of diversification betwixt modern times. Coming from the days when royal Signoras had their butlers to carry around their stuff, fast forward to the present day when you can carry your bits and bobs yourself, and that too in style.

With different styles, different patterns, different colours, and whatnot, the range of bags these days is multifarious. And while discussing this ultra-chic accessory – bags, how can we not talk about the allure of luxury bags? Elevating every outfit with a touch of style, there is nothing in the accessory catalogue better than luxury bags. They aren’t just stylish, but are the epitome
of quality, craftsmanship, creativity and opulence.

A BIT TOO<br />

Enveloped in an aura of refinement, luxury bags speak for themselves. Their sumptuous exteriors scream elegance. Today, every bag is an amalgamation of attention to detail and devotion to artistry. While exploring the huge radius of fashionable luxury bags, our attention was caught by an exclusive bag by Alexander McQueen. Known for its applaudable endeavour, the brand is one of the finest brands in the fashion world. So, without waiting anymore, let’s get straight into the details of this peculiar handbag and see if it is worth it.

The Biker Mini Jewelled Satchel bag by Alexander McQueen is truly a work of art but, with imperfections. The bag which is black in colour features a leather strap which is inspired by the biker look, as the name suggests. The strap is teeming with punk spikes with a silver finish. The adjustable leather strap is long enough for one to carry it as a shoulder bag.

A BIT TOO<br />

Well, if we dig deeper into the details, seems like the brand has not paid much attention to the comfort of the user. The embellished spikes on the bag may not feel very comfortable. The sharp spikes on the belt might even trap your hair while the bag is on your shoulder. And we don’t think you would want to pay for getting your hair stuck in spikes or maybe even hurt yourself, would you?

The added studs and spikes are a bit too much, which might also add to the weight of the bag. In the modern-day fashion scenario, where everyone is looking for lightweight bags, this bag seems to be a heavy deal to carry with so much going on. While the look of the bag screams fanciness, the studs leading to the quality may cause scratches or any other damage to other objects in close proximity.

The classy black colour makes the bag an all-rounder but the design of the bag and the placement of the embellishments aren’t up to the mark. While mentioning the outside, you might also face difficulty while cleaning the shoulder bag from the inside.

All in all, this bag has its downfalls. But, if you’re too driven to add this to your bag shelf, you can go for it.