You’ve Made It Through The Fun Part Of Your Engagement And Now It’s Time To Get Into The Nitty-Gritty Of Looking Fantastic On Your Big Day. Let Us Know If This Is Something You Want To Add On To Your Bridal Skincare Regimen.

We get it. When it comes to a wedding, there are a million other things (like-venue, trousseau, caterer etc.) on your mind. However, before you get a jump start on everything else, it’s the bridal skin care regimen that needs your undivided attention.

Because, whilst everything else will eventually fall into place, a radiant complexion will not happen overnight; not to mention, the pre-wedding stress that can add to your skin woes. Starting (or revamping) a wedding beauty regimen is a great way to practice some self-care. We are giving you an opportunity to make a precious call for yourself.

We have a Brightening Serum from Dr. Barbara Sturm, a high-end luxury skincare brand which leans a little too heavily into the scientific skincare space. Being skincare at the core of the brand, let’s see if it makes or breaks the skincare regimen for the brides to be.

Applying this serum makes the skin even drier. Looking at the ingredients, you may evidence the density of alcohol is quite high. If you have sensitive skin, any negative results may occur making your skin drier. Many of the customers were hoping to fix some areas of hyperpigmentation with this serum to lighten some of these areas but after reviewing we can’t say it did.

Dr. Barbara Sturm

Clients have been wishing to fix their hyperpigmentation from acne and were hoping this skincare wand serum would help with the marks, but they have been sadly disappointed. We don’t expect any kind of miracle, but the hyperpigmentation
didn’t change in the least nor did it look any different once.

The upside to this product is that it is hydrating-but that’s not what someone buys a serum for! Using this for a long time you will evidence there is no visible difference in the skin. It is also on the thick side for a serum, more like a thin lotion and it comes in a dropper-style bottle. We find it to be way too clumpy as it dispenses.

We feel that the Barbara Sturm packaging team considered the aesthetics more important than actually a convenient serum coming up from an appropriate bottle design. If this is still not enough to make up your mind, then we don’t know what will.