Taylor’s bold red lip has become a style statement on its own, but her fashion sense is also always on point. Here are 5 lessons you can learn from Taylor Swift’s wardrobe.

There is no doubt that Taylor Swift is one of the most beloved celebrities today. And while we can learn a lot from her – like how to stay strong when an ex comes back, or that turning 22 is actually highly confusing, but not that bad – her wardrobe also is worth taking inspiration from. She already has the moral icon of the decade position occupied, but now she can confidently add style star to the list as well! From a country cutie with wild, untamed curls to a pop superstar, she is definitely used to transformation. And her recent era saw her settle into a more dreamy, cottagecore aesthetic but not for long as she marked a return to her Red album era, changing up her aesthetic, yet again!  So, if you’re a swiftie as well and constantly trying to find clothes to replicate her outfits, here are some tips on how to style your wardrobe like your favourite country sweetheart.

1. Pantsuits are a Must

5 Style Lessons To Steal From Taylor Swift's Wardrobe

Taylor Swift definitely knows how to pull off a pantsuit, no matter what the occasion!

While her wardrobe has quite a few edgy pieces, what we love is that about the star is that she can effortlessly pull off a pantsuit as well. She isn’t afraid to play with colours either. And the maroon pantsuit she wore for the All Too Well short movie premiere, may have been a deviation from her usual style but, the velvet made her look more sophisticated. Take a feather out of her stylebook and invest in a good pantsuit for your wardrobe as well! These are pretty versatile and we promise you can wear them anywhere you want.

2. Invest in a Good Coat

5 Style Lessons To Steal From Taylor Swift's Wardrobe

The coat Swift wore during her Red (Taylor’s Version) photoshoot is extremely versatile and minimalist.

Winters are very harsh no doubt. And you may be able to perfectly style yourself, but what can make or break your look is a good coat. Winter coats are a must-have because you need them when you step out but if the coat itself is dull or not sophisticated enough, it will just look out of sync with the rest of your outfit. So, take inspiration from Taylor and invest in a good coat that will go with any outfit you wish to wear at any day. Bonus points if it is a neutral colour like brown or beige and you can pair it with bold outfits just as easily as you can pair it with neutral ones.

3. Ruffles are Always Welcome

5 Style Lessons To Steal From Taylor Swift's Wardrobe

This pink ruffled dress that she wore in the music video for ME! is gorgeous and the ruffles look absolutely perfect. 

The Lover era saw Taylor’s style take a complete turn. Overly colourful looks were the only style rule she seemed to be following with even her hair dyed in pastel colours. The dresses from this era brought a pop of colour into Swift’s world, but there is another style box that they checked – ruffles. The lilac frilly lace mini dress by Raisa and Vanessa that she wore during the 2019 billboard music awards is feminine and sweet, and the only thing we feel when we look at this dress is extreme joy! Swift definitely knows how to carry a ruffled dress with style and her pastel, ruffled style is making us want to incorporate some bright colours in our wardrobes as well.

4. Flowers are Always a Good Motif

5 Style Lessons To Steal From Taylor Swift's Wardrobe

This flowery shirt is perfect for the summer and spring months.

Most people don’t think flowers can make a good addition to clothes, but not Taylor Swift! The pop star seems to have a love for all things nature, given the number of times we have seen her wear clothes featuring flowers predominantly on them. And we are all for it. They make for such a fresh and happy look with a pop of colour that seems to make one smile. And who are we to deny a little happiness, right?

5. Life can be a Fairytale

5 Style Lessons To Steal From Taylor Swift's Wardrobe

There is a serious princessy vibe coming off this gown and we are loving it!

While many prefer to steer clear of girly, princess looks, Swift has never been one to do so. In fact, the number of times she’s pulled off such amazing princess looks is extraordinary, giving us major envy and a wish to be able to be a part of her fairytale fantasy. But if you are apprehensive about whether you’d be able to pull off such looks or not, let us reassure you, that you can and you will! Just look at how effortlessly Taylor carries off such gorgeous dresses and the vibe she gives off. This is not the time to be claiming things like, “Oh! I don’t wear such girly things!”

Don’t knock it till you try it!