Wat your eyes convey, cannot be deciphered by all. To keep this spark of uniqueness alive, we have got some items in our cart that could beautify your eyes even more. Empty this cart by purchasing the most stupefying item you find.

The Eyes Chico, They Never Lie, is a well said quote that almost everyone knows and surely everyone agrees as well. Many people find eyes to be the most attractive trait of an individual. If you want to stand out in the crowd, put extra focus on your eyes and you are all set. However, taking care of your eyes in the right way can be a heavy task for some. The fine line between too much makeup or too less makeup can be overruled with one mistake. Which is also by experts recommend us to use quality products. Such quality products aren’t available everywhere. Only selected brands in the beauty sector, especially luxury beauty, can give you the look you desire. So, go through this list and find out your favourite beauty brand below.

  • CHARLOTTE TILBURY The Super Nudes Easy Eye Palette- Nudegasm
makeup products

Price: approx. Rs. 5,170

  • WESTMAN ATELIER Eye Pods- Les Jours
makeup products

Price: approx. Rs. 9,980

  • CHANTECAILLE Next Generation Eye Base- Medium
makeup products

Price: approx. Rs. 6,000

makeup products

Price: approx. Rs. 2,080

  • TOM FORD BEAUTY Eye Colour Quad
makeup products

Price: approx. Rs. 6,500

  • NARS COSMETICS Taj Mahal Quad Eyeshadow
makeup products

Price: approx. Rs. 3,800

  • LANCOME Grandiose Bendable Liquid Eyeliner
makeup products

Price: approx. Rs. 2,380

  • DIOR BEAUTY 3 Couleurs Triblique Couture Eyeshadow Limited Edition
makeup products

Price: on demand

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