How Much Are You Willing To Pay For A Bottle
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It’s not very common that you come across a water bottle that costs almost like an apartment for less than a litre. Wondering what we’re about to discuss here? Well, prepare your mind to be blown away by the exorbitant amount that this bottle costs – ACQUA DI CRISTALLO, the world’s most expensive water bottle in the world. The bottle cost around Rs 49,31,680 when it was purchased in an auction held by Planet Foundation A.C. at La Hacienda de Los Morales, Mexico City, Mexico. The 24-karat gold plated glass bottle was designed after a piece of art by the late Italian artist Amedeo Clemente Modigliani. 1

The nonprofit fighting global warming received a donation of the auction’s proceeds. The artwork on the handcrafted glass bottle, which is plated in platinum, is inspired by the late Italian artist Amedeo Clemente Modigliani. This water in a bottle is an homage to his accomplishments. The liquid itself is a mixture of glacier water from Iceland and glacial water from Fiji, as well as natural spring water from France.

Platinum and 6,000 high-quality diamonds are used to make the “Tributo Modigliani, Acqua di Cristallo” bottle. Only 1 bottle exists in the entire globe; limited edition. A contribution of €500,000 will be made to social causes by The Planet, Altamirano Foundation.

Each Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani bottle contains water that comes from three distinct locations on the planet, including glaciers in Iceland, water springs in Fiji, and springs in France. It should come as no surprise that it would be quite expensive given that it was obtained from the purest waters on Earth.

Each bottle’s pricing is heavily influenced by its packaging. Solid 24-karat gold has been inlaid onto each 750 ml glass bottle. The fact that these bottles were created by renowned bottle designer Fernando Altamirano, who is renowned for his tasteful bottle designs that rank among the most costly bottles in the world, further adds to their appeal. These bottles were created by him as an homage to the late Amedeo Clemente Modigliani, an Italian artist.