In a stirring portrayal, our models embody a reservoir of unspoken anguish, their stances and countenances resonating deeply. Through this powerful tableau, they clutch cardboard signs, magnifying the silent outcry against global injustices toward children. Stand with us as we defy stereotypes and kindle compassion, frame by frame.

Team Credits:

Models: Angelina Golovnya / Adelina Golovnya / Joannie Taveras
Bojena Frolova / Alice Balter / Anna Kozhakova / Barbare Kochadze
Marishka Shilnova / Eva Davydova / Sofia Degelevich / Leila Ibragim-Zade
Creative Director/Producer/ Fashion Stylist: Viktoriia Bugaeva @ladyvictoryb
Producer/Photographer: Maksim Goldguber @maksimgoldguber
Hair Stylist: Marina Balter @marinadollystylist
Makeup Artist: Anna Mazuriak anna_aleshkina_

Dresses by: Linda Bellino Kids @lindabellimokids and Rojen Morris @rojenmorris
Hair and cosmetic products used: Oribe @oribe Channel @channel Charlotte Tilbury @charlottetilbury