A Curious Metamorphosis Has Unfolded: Ladies, Abandon Your Trousers At Home! Celebrities And Designers Have Officially Christened The ‘No[1]Pants Trend’ As This Season’s Most Coveted Look. Find Your Fit Below!


The resurgence of underwear-as-outerwear cycles back every decade, but this year’s twist on trousers-optional dressing can be traced to a handful of pivotal fashion moments. It’s as if the fashion cosmos conspired to whisper, “Ladies, let your legs breathe, and embrace the liberation of the no-pants revolution!

What once seemed like an audacious concept in the first half of 2023 has now blossomed into a full-blown sensation by the Summer of 2024. Initially championed by Hollywood luminaries such as Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and Kendall Jenner, the pantless trend exudes daring and boldness—certainly not for the faint-hearted. Since then, it has surged into the forefront of the fashion industry, with luxury brands seamlessly incorporating pantless ensembles into their runway presentations. Whether on bustling streets, or the catwalk, the pantless trend has ignited conversations and firmly established itself as one of the most powerful currents shaping the fashion world today.

However, it was during the ‘90s that the pantless aesthetic truly strutted its stuff on the runways of iconic fashion houses, but we still got you if you can pull this trend off and your trousers down. Dig right in!


Ladies, Let Your Legs Breathe

  1. ALAÏA, Hooded shell and stretch-jersey thong bodysuit, approx. Rs.2,03,860
  2. DOLCE & GABBANA, Tulle sheer midi skirt, approx. Rs.1,73,940
  3. JACQUEMUS, Le Chiquito Long Cordao tote bag, approx. Rs.1,48,730
  4. LE SILLA, Jagger 120mm studded sandals, approx. Rs.1,49,010
  5. LOREN STEWART, Chrome French Hook 14-karat gold diopside earrings, approx. Rs.78,160
Ladies, Let Your Legs Breathe

  1. REBECCA VALLANCE, Priscilla velvet-trimmed crystal-embellished crepe blazer, approx. Rs.1,10,090
  2. RALPH LAUREN COLLECTION, Cadie halterneck textured-cotton vest, approx. Rs.1,35,930
  3. NORMA KAMALI, Bill ruched mesh bikini briefs, approx. Rs.18,080
  4. FERRAGAMO, Embellished Gancini earrings, approx. Rs.19,150
  5. THOM BROWNE, Mini tweed ribbon chain tote bag, approx. Rs.8,36,660
  6. BALMAIN, Ariel monogrammed leather boots, approx. Rs.2,62,190
Ladies, Let Your Legs Breathe

  1. CLIO PEPPIATT, Embellished crepe bustier top approx. Rs.1,26,290
  2. MAISON MICHEL, New Bonnie veil-detail beret, approx. Rs.81,410
  3. MAGDA BUTRYM, Appliquéd ruched bikini briefs, approx. Rs.64,816
  4. ANINE BING, Nikki leather ballerina shoes, approx. Rs.57,520
  5. MIU MIU, Feather-detail cashmere scarf, approx. Rs.1,35,670
  6. SIMONE ROCHA, Rose drop earrings, approx. Rs.67,260
  7. JIMMY CHOO, Bon Bon Macaron Suede Crystal Stripe Bag, approx. Rs.2,88,710
Ladies, Let Your Legs Breathe

  1. PETAR PETROV, Grace halterneck stretch-jersey bodysuit, approx. Rs.48,630
  2. DOLCE & GABBANA, High-waisted crystal-embellished briefs, approx. Rs.1,19,730
  3. CRISTINA SAVULESCU, Rosa long gloves, approx. Rs.1,28,940
  4. THE ATTICO, Grid rhinestone-embellished ballerina shoes, approx. Rs.1,45,660
  5. CULT GAIA, Asha bra-cup chain necklace, approx. Rs.55,120
  6. MANURI, Rosie floral-appliqué choker necklace, approx. Rs.48,790
  7. BALENCIAGA, Hourglass XS sequinned crossbody bag, approx. Rs.5,78,310