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Suit Up, Spice Up, Bow Tie Edition!

Suit Up, Spice Up, Bow Tie Edition!

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Picture This: As The Clock Ticks Closer To Midnight, You’re Dressed To The Nines In Your Snazziest Suit, But Something’s Missing—Ah, The Pièce De Résistance!

As the countdown begins for the grandest bashes of 2023 – Christmas and New Year’s Eve – are you bursting with excitement? We’re guessing you’ve already sorted out your vibes, whether it’s cozy pajama chic for Christmas or glamorous club vibes for New Year’s Eve. But hold up! There’s a crucial missing piece: accessories! Fear not, because we’ve got the scoop on one absolute must-have that can either skyrocket or sink your style game! If not for this year’s pending parties, this particular piece of accessory is a must have in every man’s vanity!

A bow tie is not just an accessory; it’s the ultimate flair to elevate your ensemble for those festive New Year’s and Christmas parties. The merry glow of fairy lights reflecting off your sleek suit, and in the midst of the celebration, your dapper bow tie steals the show. Whether it’s a vibrant crimson, a glitzy gold, or a classic black, the bow tie is the cherry on top, adding that touch of sophistication and whimsy to your outfit. Here we have handpicked some stunning bow ties! Shop Shop!


LABEL, Pre-Tied Cotton-Velvet Bow
Tie, approx. Rs. 18,660

SULKA, Pre-Tied Printed Silk-Twill
Bow Tie, approx. Rs. 21,210

TOM FORD, Pre-Tied Silk-Satin
Bow Tie, approx. Rs. 26,130

GUCCI, Pre-Tied Wool and
Silk-Blend Jacquard Bow Tie, approx. Rs. 16,560

PAUL SMITH, Silk Pre-Tied Bow
Tie, approx. Rs. 11,580

ETON, Light Brown Floral Silk Bow
Tie, approx. Rs. 10,790

Cotton and silk satin bow tie,
approx. Rs. 25,320

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