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Ethereal Landscape Of Past-Future

Ethereal Landscape Of Past-Future

As The “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” Unfolded, Male Celebrities Embracing Bold And Creative Looks, Departing From The Traditional Plain Black Suits. Let’s Dive Into Some Of The Best-Dressed Men Who Truly Understood The Assignment And Celebrated The Theme With Flair! Spoiler Alert: From Floral Details To Archival Pieces, They Truly Reawakened Fashion On The Green Carpet.


  1. LIL NAS X
Ethereal Landscape Of Past-Future

Lil Nas X made a dazzling appearance at this year’s Met Gala, quite literally sparkling with 50,000 Swarovski crystals! His cream-colored and sparkly suit caught everyone’s eye as he gracefully entered the ball. Despite being a relative newcomer to the MET, Lil Nas X had valuable fashion lessons for other guests. His own outfit, adorned drawing inspiration from traditional luxury—think fine porcelain dish sets and Waterford crystal glasses. The ensemble featured loose fitting trousers, adding a touch of modern streetwear. It was a twofold statement, with a Swarovski-laden tank top peeking out from under a voluminous, draping overcoat. Raul Lopez, the creative mind behind the look, transformed akin to a flower shedding its petals throughout its life cycle. As he shed his outer coat, a fresh, new layer was revealed underneath. With jewel-encrusted details, he continued his legacy of iconic MET Gala appearances. While, positively radiant complexion and long, glass-like nails gave pizzazz.



Barry Keoghan, the Saltburn actor, made a stylish appearance in his ensemble, which was inspired by the 19th century, featuring a luxurious velvet three-piece suit, a white silk cravat, and a top hat. Looking effortlessly cool in this fitted look with a white ruffled shirt, silver brooches, and black lace-up boots.

As an official Burberry ambassador, Keoghan’s fit as that of a stylish and eccentric gentleman, combining tradition with a personal touch of the brand. The finishing touches included a pocket watch clipped to his waistcoat with a shiny silver chain and a cluster of sparkly brooches on his lapel, including a diamond fox head. These brooch-like fastenings emerged as one of the event’s biggest menswear trends. Keoghan’s overall appearance was easily one of the most dramatic of the evening, perfectly capturing the high drama of the MET Gala’s theme, ‘Garden of Time’. To sum up, he nailed it!



In a head-to-toe Thom Browne ensemble, NBA player Ben Simmons scored a fashion slam dunk. His Thom Browne tweed suit exuded style, featuring a plaid design on the top and a floral motif on the side. Simmons truly stood out with a flowing overcoat that draped over his suit like a vine. The overcoat boasted intricate embroidery—a botanical pattern—and checkered red-white shoulders, perfectly complementing the patterned shirt collar. Notably, Simmons carried a head-turning briefcase, embracing the MET Gala’s theme of “The Garden of Time” quite literally. His wristwatch, a gem-set Patek Philippe Aquanaut, added to the overall impressive ensemble. The intricate flower detail and the harmonious blend of plaid patterns, with ivy and rose motifs in the suit showcased Simmons’ statuesque presence. His sunglasses, black lace-up boots, and radiant complexion served as the perfect complement to the tweed ensemble.



Dan Levy made a memorable entrance at the event, donning a remarkable Loewe suit. His ensemble featured a black double-breasted jacket layered over a high-necked shirt, both in dark hues. The trousers, however, were a delightful departure from convention, crafted from a tapestry of pastel flowers. Breaking free from traditional men’s fashion norms, he playfully embraced flamboyant and exciting styles, proving that fashion knows no boundaries.



At the MET Gala, co-chair Bad Bunny made a bold fashion statement in a head-to-toe ensemble designed by John Galliano for Maison Margiela. His navy suit featured intricate white stitching details and red piping on the trousers, while the unique hoof-like shoes added an avant-garde touch. The jacket and beret were adorned with 3D florals, creating an artistic and eye-catching look. Bad Bunny effortlessly stole the spotlight, completing his ensemble with glittering diamond-shaped glasses peeked out from underneath a massive black statement hat, and the singer held a stunning fabric bouquet in his leather-gloved hands. His style evoked the spirit of J.G. Ballard’s poem, and he confidently conquered the MET steps. Having wowed everyone on last year’s red carpet, Bad Bunny took his role as a co-chair of the 2024 Met Gala seriously. The suit itself was dashing, with flashes of red against the black fabric, making it a memorable moment at the gala.



Jonathan Bailey, the Bridgerton actor, made a statement at the MET Gala 2024 with his unique fashion choices. He donned a black and white double-breasted suit by Loewe, adding a touch of flair with pink and white floral embellishments. Instead of a traditional necktie, Bailey opted for a bold floral necktie from the same designer. His custom Loewe look turned heads, showcasing his talent for combining elegance with playfulness. The diamond set bezel of his OMEGA De Ville Trésor watch added an extra layer of glamour. Completing the ensemble with shiny black boots and high-waisted trousers adorned with yet another flower at the waist, proves that impeccable tailoring is always in style.



Alexandre Mattiussi’s glitzy floor-length coat from Ami is impossible to ignore. While, pairing it with a Cartier Crash watch only adds to its allure. Meanwhile, Sebastian Stan made a statement with his duster jacket, adorned with sparkling feather-like trim and complemented by shiny platform shoes. Moreover, the simplicity of his black ensemble was elevated by these eye-catching details. However, the true standout was Stan’s high-rise pants, adorned with a series of dazzling silver brooches pinned at the waist. This bold fashion move was particularly impressive!



Josh O’Connor, known for his role in “The Challengers,” made a bold fashion statement at the Met Gala 2024. He donned an abstract Loewe suit with exaggerated tails, showcasing his penchant for unique style. His look – classic black tuxedo, a brocade shirt, and a bow tie-cum-brooch from the Loewe x Lynda Benglis collection. With pairing this avant-garde ensemble along the colourful beaded flowers on the boots, adding a surprising twist to the red-carpet look through such skilfully brought together intricate details, including the accentuated tie, and the embellished collar. Jonathan Anderson’s design prowess was evident in the silhouette, proving that Loewe continues to push fashion boundaries.



Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton made a stylish entrance after the Miami Grand Prix, donning a bespoke Burberry ensemble. The outfit featured intricate floral details, drawing inspiration from the first Black gardener in 18th-century Wales. Additionally, it included a discreet tag adorned with a poem by poet Alex Walton. Hamilton proudly represented Britain in this custom Burberry attire, with the embroidered coat paying homage to the language of flowers in Black history. The ensemble’s design was also influenced by the remarkable story of John Ystumllyn, one of Britain’s earliest Black gardeners.

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