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In Conversation With Ana Bergman – Hypnotizing Fever!

Hypnotizing Fever

Remaining Steadfast In Her Journey, Our Cover Star Has Been Shaped By Her Unwavering Self-Confidence And Unshakeable Determination, Since A Young Age.

Team Credits:
Model: Ana Bergman @ana__bergman
Photo: Gavin O’Neill @gavinoneillphoto
Style: Laia Torras @liahallie
MUAH: David Friedmann @davidfriedmannbeauty
Photo assistant: Daniela Jacobo @jacoboportrait
PR: @multi_publications

Meet our Cover Star for the September issue, Ana Bergman, who exemplifies the power of self-belief. Resilience and self-belief became her greatest assets, fueling her passion for modelling and driving her towards success. Her self-confidence radiates in her presence, her walk, and her photographs, captivating both the camera lens and us. We had a fun and enticing conversation with her for you to catch up on! So, without any further ado, evidence of how her journey is a testament to her profound belief in herself.

Hypnotizing Fever

Jumpsuit: Anikena @anikena.azulik
Earrings: Stylist’s own

Hello Ana! First things first, tell us about your early experiences in modelling – what propelled you in this industry?

Hello L’Officiel! Thank you for having me! I guess, I have the most common story here, I just tagged along with my friend to a modelling school, and it all started from there. At that time, I didn’t really have any knowledge about this industry, I was 16, but I was definitely fascinated by all the glamorous pictures of gorgeous women in magazines.

Working all over the world, you must know exactly how the industry works. What do you enjoy most about being a model?

I for sure enjoy visiting unique places which I’d probably never happen to be in if not for the job. For example, this story we shot in Tulum, Mexico in an abandoned house at a very isolated beach. And I just adore being a part of a group of creative people who are building something together. And what also gives me a lot of satisfaction, pleasure and sense of fulfillment is when I know that I was able to bring to life the vision of an artist, whether it’s a designer, photographer, or director. There is something so magical and special about being able to implement someone’s imagination, embody someone’s fantasies, being a conductor of another person’s inner life and creative power and translate their insight to a still or motion picture. It is always such a beautiful moment when a creator looks at you and says, “that’s exactly how I envisioned it”.


Hat: Norte @norte.official
Dress: Atelier Juel @atelier_juel
Boots: Zara @zara
Earrings: Stylist’s own

How has your personal style evolved since you entered the public eye?

Really not that much, I’ve always been into classic, timeless and basic pieces which you can wear season after season and easily mix together. I love fashion and dressing up, but I have it enough on sets, so in my everyday life I just want to feel comfortable and relaxed. Though my mum describes it less dainty, she says I sometimes look like a homeless person (laughing). When I am in the mood, I enjoy going full-on and glammed up, but I still like to keep my look fun and a little loose. Because there is nothing more unattractive and unappealing for me than a woman who tried too hard to look good.

You look really stunning, and so does your hair! Do you follow any routines?

Thank you and the only beauty hair routine I follow is never trusting when they say “Oh, we just going to trim it a little” right before the show (laughing). But honestly, I am the laziest person when it comes to my hair, I just wash it and go, don’t even blow dry and use my hands instead of a brush. I hope my agent won’t read this part (laughing). I feel like it already has too much attention on set, so in everyday life, I just let it be.


Hat: Norte @norte.official
Top: Anikena @anikena.azulik
Pants: Saint Laurent @ysl
Boots: Zara @zara
Bikini Bottom: Simona @simonastudio
Earrings: Stylist’s own

What’s one thing you learnt early on that still serves you?

Very early on in my life, I learned that no one owes you anything. And it really helps me to avoid a lot of disappointments, let go of expectations and made me rely only on myself. And I don’t mean that I didn’t get help along the way, no, not at all, I’ve met amazing people throughout my life and in my career, who were supportive and did so much good for me. But what I mean is that I don’t have expectations from other people. If they happen to be willing to facilitate, that’s great but if not, all right, I am going to do it anyway, it might take more time and energy, but it won’t stop me. The realization that at the end of the day, you are one-on-one with your life and whatever you are trying to accomplish really makes it easier. And again, if you meet people who are willing to share the journey with you and make it more joyful and readily, that’s cool. If not…well, it has never been their job to keep your fire going anyways.

Who has been your biggest influence and why?

You know, I can’t really say that I had someone who was my influence. Along the way, I obviously had a lot of people who inspired me, who set up an example, and whom I respect and wanted to learn from, and they all influenced me in a lot of different ways. But I truly can’t highlight one person. I also feel that I’ve always been more influenced by the things that people create, rather than by the people themselves if that makes sense. I believe one can actually see people more clearly and explicitly through their work.


Top: Calvin Klein @calvinklein
Boots: Zara @zara
Bikini Bottom: Simona @simonastudio
Earrings: Stylist’s own

Success is a subjective concept; how do you define your success?

I guess for me, success is making a noticeable impact in the area you are working in, being essential there, doing something better than anyone else, being one of a kind, and leaving a mark. And if you also manage to make a living out of it and be happy, you did it right! Also, I’d call my personal success if I’m operating in a kitchen without cutting or burning myself (laughing).

Time to spill some beans, what are the projects you are working on next as an actress or model that we can also look out for?

I’m wrapping up a very exciting project called “Devil’s Cabaret”, I can’t say a lot of details, but it is a very compelling story about our deeds, their consequences and who gets to decide what is bad and what is good told in a very riveting way. And I got to dance in it which has always been my dream to incorporate dancing with acting. So, shout out to Scott Feinblatt for casting me (laughing). Also, a short movie “Ten Strokes” will be out this year, it is in postproduction right now and I can’t wait to see the final cut. It was quite an emotional rollercoaster, but director Julia Hanson and my co-star Andrew Howard made this trip enjoyable and fun. Additionally, I’m involved in another feature film, but the production was put on hold because of the strike hopefully will resume soon, and you’ll hear more about it.

We are delighted to have you on board and so are our readers, what message do you have for the people who aspire to become like you?

Thank you, it was very nice chatting with you! And my message is don’t become like me, please! (laughing). One Ana Bergman is more than enough for this world. But become your true authentic and unapologetic self. Find your passion, define your truth, figure out what makes you happy and follow this path and don’t forget to have fun along the way.

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