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Struck by Cabin Fever – In Conversation With Martina Hirsch

The winter chill might be making you feel struck by cabin fever – a feeling encapsulated by our shoot with Martina Hirsch – L’Officiel’s cover star for January. Read our conversation with her below.

Team Credits:

Model: Martina Hirsch @martina9496m
Production: SashkaProject @sashkaproject
Photographer: Alex Dani @alexdanifotografo
Stylist: Tania Tuka @taniatuka
Muah: Yuliya Zykova @yulechkazykova

What’s more fashionable than striking a pose against the gorgeous Swiss Mountains? Well, our cover star for January feels this way as she claims the location made her shoot more interesting! Having a liberal approach in her attitude and being full of vigour, she lives life in anticipation of new challenges. “Honesty and truthfulness are the most important ideals everyone should inculcate in themselves,” is her perspective on how to live life. We sat down to have a conversation with her and she opened up about her passions, what fills her life with joy and what she feels is the key to living an interesting life! If you’re equally intrigued to read what she has to say, take a look at our in-depth conversation with her.

Jewellery: Hanna Bernhard
Long sleeve: Odi et Amo @odietamofashion 
Skirt: Sonia Rykel @soniarykiel 
Shoes: AGL @aglshoes 

Welcome to L’Officiel Martina. We’d like to start by asking you, did you enjoy your shoot? What was your favourite aspect of it?

Thank you for the warm welcome. Yes, I enjoyed the shoot. Getting to present my fashion and style next to this beautiful background of the Swiss mountains made the shoot even more unique. 

If you were to describe yourself in a word, what would it be? And why?

I would describe myself as liberal. I look at opinions from at least two sides which is why I feel this word fits me best.

We noticed you have an impeccable fashion sense. If we were to peek inside your closet, what are some of the brands that we’d find?

You’ll find several brands in my closet. But, the most important thing in my closet aren’t brands. It’s the variety of possible combinations to style them that is more important.

Dress: Iryna Mykhailovych @iryna_mykhailovych 
Sandals: Lena Erziak @lena_erziak 

Had you not been a model, what would you have become?  

I’ve never really given this too deep a thought, but I think I would do exactly the same as before.

We’d like to get to know you a little deeper. Please share a little bit about the things you’re most passionate about. 

My life consists of enthusiasm for family, work, and sports. Every aspect of these things fills me with immense joy.

What does a day in Martina’s life look like? Is it hectic? Do you enjoy what you do?

A typical day in my life starts with a cup of coffee. After that, comes a plan for the day that is full of new activities.

Dress: Adelbel @adelbel_official 
Boots: Lena Erziak @lena_erziak 

What has been the strongest influence on your life and career so far? 

The strongest influence on my life and career has been the opportunities and personalities I’ve come across so far. If you get involved, you can share the success and benefit equally with each other.

When you’re not modelling, how do you spend your free time? 

I believe that having versatile interests never lets life become boring. I love to spend my free time travelling, participating in sports, and sharing art and culture with friends. All this keeps life interesting.

What is the single most important ideal you always strive to live your life by? 

Honesty and truthfulness is the most important ideal everyone should inculcate in themselves.

Suit: Bobkova @bobkova_official
Sandals: Franziska Belangela @franziskabelangela 

What is the one piece of advice you would like to leave for our readers?  

Every day has a new solution ready. So, don’t fret about what’s going wrong and don’t worry about yesterday’s problems. The new day will bring the solution.

So, what is next for you? Spill the secrets, and tell us about your upcoming projects.

I’m full of anticipation for new challenges. There are a few projects in the pipeline, but you’ll just have to stay tuned to know about them.

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