If You Haven’t Hopped On The Hoodie Trend Yet, Let Us Inspire You To Build Your Steal-Worthy Closet.

We know how you all desperately wait for winter just to wear and style oversized or cropped hoodies. Indeed, these are on everyone’s priority list. Nothing can ever match the comfort and relaxation that comes with a hoodie. It’s unbelievable how it manages flawlessly to present a chic and a casual look at the same time. For all the fans out there, here we are with the hoodies you won’t be able to keep your eyes off of. The cherry on the cake is not just the hoodies, we have also styled these in 4 completely distinguishing yet stylish ways. If you are a true fan of hoodies, we are sure that you won’t be able to resist from buying these at any cost.

Level Up Your Fashion Game!

  1. Balenciaga, Purple Balenciaga Back Hoodie, approx. Rs. 86,470
  2.  Toteme, Cork Stretch -jersey leggings, approx. Rs. 20,632
  3. Balenciaga, Navy black tote bag, approx. Rs. 81,940
  4. Brunello Cucinelli, Suede, calfskin and shearling runners with shiny trek eyelets, approx.Rs. 96,250
  5.  Buccellati, Hawaii earrings in yellow gold, approx. Rs. 1,64,710
Level Up Your Fashion Game!

  1. Amiri, Taupe women bandana oversized hoodie, approx. Rs. 1,22,710
  2. Amiri, Light khaki cargo wide pants, approx. Rs. 89,770 
  3. Bottega Veneta, Swell all spice shoes, approx. Rs. 1,11,180
  4. Bottega Veneta, Women’s caramel small acro bag, approx. Rs. 3,12,960
  5. Versace, Women’s medusa pearl spike choker, approx. Rs. 1,06,400
Level Up Your Fashion Game!


1. Fendi, White cotton cropped sweatshirt, approx. Rs. 86,470
2. Nili Lotan, Floral trousers jeans, approx. Rs. 38,100
3. Alaia, Women’s off-white openwork wood heels, approx. Rs. 85,070
4. Gucci, Link to love studded ring 18k gold, approx. Rs. 2,59,420
5. Bottega Veneta, White mount bag, approx. Rs. 3,21,190

Level Up Your Fashion Game!


1. Gucci, Cotton cropped sweatshirt, approx. Rs. 1,35,890
2.  Gucci, Jacquard denim mini skirt, approx. Rs. 80,710
3. Gucci, GG Marmont small shoulder bag, approx. Rs. 1,07,060
4. Versace, Medusa Pearl choker, approx. Rs. 1,15,300
5. Burberry, Monogram Motif Leather Block-heel boots, approx. Rs. 92,630