Did You Know That Effortless Beauty Is the New “No-Effort Beauty”? Read Ahead and Find It How!

It’s undeniable that Beauty has become a billion-dollar industry, with many big names jumping in for the ride and launching their own products. But when it comes to brands like Charlotte Tilbury which are renowned brands and known for promising effortless glow to their clients, we have some high expectations from them. The brand products boast names like Hollywood flawless filter, magic vanish colour, and airbrush flawless. So, it’s not surprising that influencers and actresses literally rave about the brand’s products. The young audience has also fallen in love with the classy products of this brand. But all does not seem to be well in Charlotte Tilbury’s world. Read on we’ll tell you why.

Today we have an overly hyped travel-size product: The Film Star Bronze Highlighter And Glow Contour Duo. It comes in a stunning mini compact inspired by old-Hollywood glamour. The packaging is indeed a perfect blend of glamour and convenience. We like the bronze, and it is altogether a nice duo for a natural everyday look. But there are some callouts, which lets us down. Fans of Charlotte Tilbury might not agree with us, but it’s our duty to state the facts. The contour doesn’t fit well, having zero pigment and is excessively dry giving a powdery texture wherever it sets in. And it promises effortless beauty, but it seems a lot of effort is required with this product.

Film Star Bronze Highlighter And Glow Contour Duo

Charlotte Tilbury 

Filmstar Bronze Highlighter & Glow Contour Duo

After trying it out we feel it is incompatible as it’s not as intense as a highlighter and barely shows on the skin. Many users claim the glow is not that great and feel that it is unnecessarily overrated. The product should have more shade options too. It’s great for the fair skinned but is highly incompatible for the dark tones. Why is it so hard for makeup brands to launch products that are actually compatible with dark skin tones? Darker skin toned people have long been ignored by the makeup industry. If these brands can make brown eyeliners, can’t they make suitable brown makeup bases, dark contours, highlighters, foundations, etc. that can actually match their skin tone?

It is highly disappointing for such a renowned brand to have such a mismatched bronze shade with dark tones. In our opinion, the day is not far when brands will lose customers because of unmatched shades. As makeup plays a huge part of appearance ideals, with the purpose of falsifying blemishes, imperfections, or even enhancing them. And neglecting people having dark skin tones should now be stopped since we are growing, the makeup industry should also learn to grow. So, if you still wish to try out this product, go ahead. But don’t be surprised if it doesn’t complement your skin tone!