Oversized clothes are trending right now, but that doesn’t mean we can wear just about anything! Burberry, we hope you’re listening, and for our readers, here is the latest fashion product to skip out on purchasing.

While fashion trends are usually cyclical, new ones keep emerging from time to time. This time, the latest trend to gain popularity amongst fashion connoisseurs is oversized everything. People are stepping out covered in oversized clothes from head to toe and although sometimes the looks turn out to be amazing, most tend to just be ridiculous. While we agree that oversized clothes have their benefits, we cannot help but apprise you of the negative aspects as well. Finding the right fit can sometimes be tricky and the compatibility with other styles tends to vary. Usually, you end up with apparel very difficult to style, which is a shame. All this and more can be seen in Burberry’s Botanical Sketch Print Cotton T-shirt Dress. Let’s see whether this is a product best avoided, or if it has some redeemable qualities to it.


Burberry: Botanical Sketch Print Cotton T-shirt Dress

Let’s talk about the technicalities of the apparel first. The Burberry site describes it as an oversized T-shirt dress that contains organic cotton and features an appliquéd satin patch that is animated with a botanical sketch print which found its inspiration from flowers and foliage in Victorian textbooks. The material is 98% cotton and 2% elastane. And they also claim that the dress fits large to size, which we can just take to mean that it is just a size bigger than your usual, not exactly ‘oversized.’ Continuing the same line of thought, we don’t consider this dress to be oversized at all. There is a certain art to oversized clothes, and a very fine line exists between oversized and baggy, cross it and you reach ridiculous territory – which is where we place this dress. There is no oversized element here, buy a size smaller than your actual size, and this will just perfectly fit you. Burberry, maybe pay a little attention to what you’re actually creating?


The flowers and foliage motifs have recently seen a rise when it comes to fashion, but that doesn’t mean they can be placed anywhere willy-nilly!

One element of the dress we don’t find alluring is the print on the dress. We understand that the dress is creating a minimalistic vibe, but we don’t feel that the vision was realised properly. The design could have been made a lot more beautiful with a little more effort while designing, given that it’s a luxury apparel, one expects a unique touch to the clothes, right? This just feels like someone took a picture and slapped it in the center of a dress, which to be honest, anyone could do! The dress is extremely plain, the style and fit leaves a lot to be desired on the styling front. Our advice? Maybe steer clear of this one and go for the other, better options from the brand.


A very fine line exists between oversized and baggy, cross it and you reach ridiculous territory – which is where we place this dress.

Another thing that we would like to caution you about is that Burberry has lately been getting a lot of negative reviews. Customers have been complaining about the poor quality of products & customer service – especially if you order from their website. Their apparel does not last long and threads start fraying with just a couple of uses. The quality of the clothes almost feels cheap which is not something one wants from luxury clothes.