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See what the latest Opera Tulle Collection of Buccellati has in store for you.

Buccellati is a luxury jewellery brand, known for its artistic pieces that are a part of wonderful collections. The shining jewellery pieces offered by the brand stand apart from everything while also perfectly going with your desired look. Keeping the same legacy in mind, Buccellati brought in stores its brand new collection known as the Opera Tulle. The inspiration behind this collection takes us on a tour of magnificent opera houses of Italy through pieces of jewellery. We are here to acquaint you with one such jewellery piece, The Opera Tulle Gold Enamel Ring. Read on to find out everything about this ring.

Buccellati takes his imagination to the next level with its jewellery. This imagination can be spotted perfectly in the jewellery that the brand showcases. The Opera Tulle Gold enamel ring keeps an intricate shape of a flower that is designed by keeping in mind the ornate motifs that are seen in Italian Opera Houses.

This ring is handcrafted by creative and hardworking artisans in Italy that keeps the design of the ring intact. It is made using 18- karat gold. The main attraction of this jewellery piece is the beautiful and vibrant green enamel. Additionally, to enhance the looks, even more, the designers have used a lace effect metal work that looks like stained glass. The green enamel shines through the metalwork to give it a more elegant and lustrous look.


Made with 18- Karat Gold and precious green enamel, this ring will make you the talk of the event.

Price Approx. ¹2,08,700 

When we talk about the specific measurements of the ring, the width of the embellishment is around 1.9cm/ 0.7 inches. Along with this, the circumference of the ring is 5.2 cm/ 2 inches and the height of embellishment is 2.1 cm/ 0.8 inches.

If you choose to purchase this ring, the jewellery piece will be delivered to you in a presentation box. After use, you can keep the ring safely and securely in this box to maintain its long life. This will also secure the ring from scratches. However, do not forget to check your size and order accordingly. Buying the wrong sized ring may ruin it for you. Along with this, make sure the item is available in the stores or online on the website.

Approx. 2,08,700 

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