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Toucan Of Appreciation? Your Call!

Toucan Of Appreciation? Your Call!

Did You Ever Desire The Centrepiece Of A Ring Resembling The Head Of A Toucan, With Intricate Detailing Creating A Lifelike Effect? If Your Spirit Breathes Life Into Such A Bird, Infusing It With Joyful, Graphic, And Colourful Realism, Surely Read Ahead!

By now, we’re all aware of how millennials are disrupting the fashion industry, but what about the jewellery business? Are diamonds still a girl’s best friend? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because millennials still romanticise about jewellery, after all, who could resist pretty little sparkly things? And no, because, well, girls today aren’t waiting for a knight in shining armour to gift it to them—they buy it for themselves instead. The biggest consideration, however, motivating jewellery purchases among millennials is that it has to be modern, cool, and unique.


Toucan Of Appreciation? Your Call!

But how much cool and unique is too much? To figure this out, this month we encountered a French luxury jewellery and watch house brand, Boucheron. And the jewellery piece that caught our eye has tapping and clattering sounds. We’re just fooling around once you read ahead, you’ll find out how the brand’s animalistic collection invites the wearer to choose their own personal talisman.

Let’s delve into the captivating Toucan Ring by Boucheron, an exquisite piece of the jewellery brand. Being inspired by the Ailleurs High Jewellery collection, which has combined diamonds, yellow gold, and coloured sapphires to create a vivid and whimsical representation of the toucan bird.

Without a doubt, the Toucan Ring’s design is daring and unconventional. While some may appreciate its uniqueness, others might find it too ostentatious or gaudy for their taste. For the ones who have been eyeing this, the ring’s size and shape could pose practical challenges. Its prominent features might catch on clothing or other objects during everyday wear.

Well, that’s not all. If rotated, this can even harm your skin, leading to wounds. Also, the use of bright colours, including the orange citrine and multi-coloured lacquer, might be overwhelming, especially for those who prefer more subdued jewellery, because wearing such a distinctive ring could draw excessive attention or appear out of place.

Additionally, one needs to style such a ring on specific occasions only, as it can’t be worn at corporate because it showcases a toucan and portrays an informal appeal. If you desire such an unconventional piece in your jewellery closet, we won’t stop you! Happy Toucan!

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