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Gold in a Bowl


Ice cream is the best dessert of all and to include luxury in your favorite dessert is like adding a cherry on top of your ice cream. The mouth-watering flavors with the chill that could set your mind freezing, are here to rock your after-meal party. Here, we have the best among the best gold-plated ice cream desserts for you that will leave you wanting more. Check them out!

1.Frozen Haute Chocolate Sundae

The Frozen Haute Chocolate Sundae is made with top ingredients available to be included in an ice cream sundae. This sweet dish is served in New Yorks famous Serendipity 3 restaurant and amounts to a total of around $25,000. The elegance can be seen in the way the ice cream is served with a baccarat Harcourt goblet including an 18-carat gold and white diamond bracelet attached to the neck. The ingredients used for making this royalty include Serendipity frozen hot chocolate mix containing 14 secret and rare cocoas, 14 of the worlds most expensive cocoas from Africa and South America, ice cubes, whipped cream, milk, and shavings from La Madeline au Truffle, world’s most expensive truffle. Furthermore, the ice cream is topped with 5 grams of 24 carats edible gold. Even the spoon served with this dessert amounts to $14,000 and has jewels encrusted on it. So if you have a sweet tooth, try out this option.

gold icecream

Counted among the world’s most expensive ice cream and recognized by Guinness World Record.

2. The Golden Opulence

With celebrities like Marilyn Munroe and Jay Z being among the frequent visitors, the restaurant gained much-deserved hype and continues to live to its rich name. This dessert brings together some finest pieces of ingredients which is also the reason why you need to give prior notice before ordering the dessert. The restaurant needs to fly in the ingredients from around the world to prepare you a bowl. These ingredients include Baccarat Crystal Goblet for serving, three scoops of Tahitian vanilla ice-cream, 23-Karat Gold Leaves for lining the Goblet, Madagascar Vanilla beans, Amedei Porcelana Dark Chocolate from Tuscany, Italy, Gourmet Candied fruits, truffles, dessert caviar, a sugar flower coated with gold and an 18-karat gold spoon. This dessert truly is bliss in a bowl and even one spoon filled with vanilla, cocoa, and gold will be enough to make your night and fulfill your meal.

This extremely beautiful sweetness in a bowl was created to acknowledge the Golden Jubilee of Serendipity 3.

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