When it comes to health, taking it lightly is just not an option. So here are some varied styles of traditional yoga, that you can explore for yourself.

Baby boomers, Millennials or Gen X, one thing that each generation can’t or rather won’t ignore is ensuring sound health. Cause when it comes to a healthy body, nothing can be taken for granted, and no step is unnecessary. We each have our own styles, strengths and preferences, however, one form of workout that suits everyone is ‘Yoga’.

No matter what age or body type you belong to, there is something in yoga that suits every purpose and stamina bracket. That could probably be one of the prime reasons why there has been an unprecedented boom in its popularity across the globe. Not only is yoga sought after for a healthy body, but a healthy mind and soul. Talk to an expert on this subject and they will tell you the innumerable benefits that come with practising yoga, some of which include – improved strength, better flexibility, heart benefits, lower stress levels, improved sleep, reduces arthritis symptoms, decrease in back pain, to name a few.

Spanning from East to West, this one form of holistic workout has innumerable benefits as well as dedicated practitioners. And much like any other form of workout, there are different styles of yoga, that you can opt for, based on your need, strength, time and lifestyle.


Yin Yoga

Let’s start simple. This one doesn’t include any radical movements or tough postures. It’s for those who are seeking some relaxation for their body and mind. A slow-paced style, the word Yin is used in the name because this form of yoga was inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. The idea here is to hold a pose, that can vary from 3 – 5 minutes to as long as 10 minutes at a time, and softly shift your body into relaxation.

Best for: Those who are seeking a meditative form of relaxation.


Prenatal Yoga

As the name suggests, the moms to be out there can try their hands on this one. A yoga form for pregnant women, irrespective of their trimester, this form primarily helps you work on your pelvic muscles. Now that you are taking care of not only your health but that of the baby inside you, this yoga form not only helps you focus on the pelvic base but also works on your breathing. That is not all, the one reason that makes it a must-try during pregnancy is that it helps in easing all pregnancy-related body pain, from hips to back. Practising this regularly during those 9 months can also help you during the delivery period.

Best for: Pregnant ladies.


Not only is yoga sought after for a healthy body, but a healthy mind and soul.

Power Yoga

Well, this one is definitely gained a lot of popularity, all thanks to our film industry. A famous workout form amongst celebrities, power yoga akaVinyasa yoga, the core purpose of this one is to help you build strength and endurance. One tip to ensure that you practice it well is to focus on your breathing while doing it, cause this one is super energy-packed. A fusion of cardio and yoga, this shall surely equip you with a solid dose of the strength training session.

Best for: Those looking for intense cardio style workout, for strength and weight loss.


Aerial Yoga

Amongst the latest that grabbed masses and popularity in the yoga world, aerial yoga is also known as anti-gravity yoga because of its style. The poses incorporated in it are traditional, however one performs it suspended from silky/soft hammocks or ties (soft, so as to avoid injury). Believed to be invented by Michelle Dortignac in 2006, this form is a total combination of old and new. So if you too, are looking to have some fun while ensuring that you stay fit, this one can be just the option you’re looking for, cause it’s not as tough as it sounds.

Best for: Beginners who want to explore the basics of yoga and its poses.

So take your time, try your hands at different options before picking the one that best suits you. Ones you’re all set for your first session, make sure that you have the right kind of equipments and a comfortable wears that allows you free movement and ventilation. If you need help picking, you can check out names like ALALA, alo, Lululemon, Ripple Yogawear, to name a few. If its yoga mats that you are looking for, then you can find some quality options at TEGO, Kosha Yoga Co. and PUMA.

Just remember that work – life balance can only be achieved through determination and discipline, because that ensures a healthy you, and a healthy you is a happy you!