Being a model with a catwalk isn’t a cakewalk! It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to be where our cover star Lux Ferrari is today. The feisty model whose name resonates with the stunning sports car Ferrari personifies a thrilling life on the edge. Excerpts from our interview.

What and who inspired you to become a fashion model?

From the very beginning, I simply loved every bit of my fashion career. In fact, I simply like the very rush the modelling career brings with it. To be candid, it was long back when I met my photographer friend in the US who shot some of my photographs, I realised and found myself absolutely interested in taking up modelling as my full-fledged career. Because this is one thing that I simply enjoy doing every day.

If not model, what else do you think you could have been? And why?

I think initially I wanted to be a fashion designer, for the love of clothes and their beautiful designs that I used to come across while shopping with my mom every now and then. As I always used to enjoy shopping for newer and beautiful clothes, I thought I could have been a fashion designer. Though my passion for clothes kept on growing, modelling is surely something I am having a great time doing it!


I simply loved every bit of my fashion career.

How do you keep yourself fit – mentally and physically?
In order to stay hale and hearty, I ensure sticking to my daily regime of workout and eating healthy, every day.
But above all, I think having good positive thoughts that I keep my mind occupied with is what helps me keep motivated and fit, inside-outside.

What is it that you love most about travelling, as we found out this is one of your favourite hobbies?
Travelling is something that my soul needs. It helps me connect with people from diverse cultures and that’s what I admire about this hobby of mine. Knowing so many people around the globe also helps me engage in global projects. So, I feel, it’s a win-win situation!

What’s the secret mantra behind that keeps you glowing and going?
It’s quite simple. I believe I’ve a pure beautiful mind and body, and like, I mentioned earlier, above all my positive thoughts about myself and also for the people around me is what keeps me going ahead, without any doubts, in life. That’s my mantra.


I believe I’ve a pure beautiful mind and body.

What traits you believe have brought you so far in life?
I believe I have always been working hard on my goals, with constant efforts and motivation. I am a person who takes her projects seriously which is why people have always appreciated and trusted me.

What is it that turns you on?
Bringing a smile on people’s face is what turns me on, in the first place! In fact, I feel blessed when I get to help people in need. I really like doing something for someone and bring a smile on their faces.

Please share some interesting tips and tricks on how to become a successful model for budding models and followers on social media.
I think few basic and simple habits of looking confidently into the mirror every day and regular practice of posing in front of the mirror could work wonders for any budding model. Confidence is the key!


Confidence is the key!

How are you planning to take your success and recognition forward?
I don’t have any plans for now, but I am really enjoying what I have in my career today and I am looking forward to going ahead slowly and steadily.

On a lighter note, what’s common between Ferrari, our cover girl, and Ferrari, the machine?
Ferrari and I have only one thing in common and that’s ‘Competition’ we face in our careers. Currently, I am facing immense pressure in my career but I am going slow and tackling each one of them and pretty confident to overcome all my challenges on the way and will surely fulfill my dreams!


I am really enjoying what I have in my career today and I am looking forward to going ahead slowly and steadily.