As our Digital Jewellery Cover Star stepped into the dazzling realms of fashion modeling and entrepreneurship, her path was no straight line. But she possessed unwavering dedication as she has worn her favorite stilettos. Dive in to catch the exclusive interview we had with her!

Team Credits:
Talent: Svitlana Kashcheieva @lana_verinas
Designer: Agata Korobka & Baravia Fashion @agata.karobka & @baraviafashion
Jewellery: VIRÉE Dubai
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Photographer: @image_fineart

Exclusive Interview With Svitlana Kashcheieva - When Gems Whisper!

Hello Stunner! As our Digital Jewellery Cover Star, if you were to personify a gemstone, what personality traits would it possess?

Ah, to be Sapphire, the gemstone symbolized, is to possess an appealing charm, effortlessly gathering attention with my deep, fascinating hues and sparkling brightness. Like the night sky filled with twinkling stars, I present a feeling of elegance and sophistication that is inherent in my very essence.

I am naturally knowledgeable and sensitive, and my decades of existence have left me with a wealth of knowledge and insight. Truth and sincerity flow through me like a clear stream, and my clarity reveals a firm passion for integrity. My presence attracts respect because I am a shining example of integrity and decency in the middle of the world’s shadows.

There is always a pivotal moment in an icon’s career that shapes their journey in the fashion industry. What’s yours?

Truth be told, there have been numerous occasions in my career that have each contributed a distinctive brushstroke to the canvas of my journey as a fashion entrepreneur. However, if I had to pick one important occasion, it would surely be the founding of World Fashion Week. This effort took me from a small town to the global stage, making my dreams come true. It was a turning point in my fashion journey, as limits were broken down and dreams blossomed beyond my greatest imagination.

Exclusive Interview With Svitlana Kashcheieva - When Gems Whisper!

What inspired you to transition from a legal background to television and eventually into the fashion world?

As a youngster, I was fascinated by the beautiful world of fashion, where every outfit appeared to whisper tales of elegance and attraction. Along with this fascination, I was driven by a strong desire for knowledge and justice, which led me to a career in law. However, my heart was never far from the runway, where dreams sparkled in the delicate fabrics of couture gowns.

Amidst the challenges of legal studies, I found comfort in the world of television and fashion, where the art of storytelling captured my imagination. Here, I discovered a platform for crafting narratives that resonated with people, sparking a passion to share the beauty and creativity of the fashion industry with the rest of the world.

My journey as a fashion model took me across continents, from the stunning landscapes of Ukraine to the legendary catwalks of Paris, Milan, New York, and Dubai. With each step, I immersed myself in the vibrant tapestry of cultures and styles, leaving an indelible impression on the industry and paving the way for my entry into the world of fashion entrepreneurship.


Exclusive Interview With Svitlana Kashcheieva - When Gems Whisper!

What were the challenges you faced while building your empire from scratch, and how did you overcome them?

As a woman venturing into the worlds of fashion modelling and entrepreneurship, my path from humble beginnings to the establishment of my empire, World Fashion Week, was anything but straightforward. Facing an abundance of obstacles along the way, I discovered the inherent challenges of entering a highly competitive business.

Building an empire from the beginning required unwavering dedication, perseverance, and a strong desire to conquer the obstacles in my path. Despite the difficulties, I developed an unbreakable sense of purpose and a steadfast dedication to my mission.

Being alone when establishing a foothold in a new field is typically one of the most challenging obstacles I faced. Nonetheless, I discovered that the universe tends to work in your favour when your objectives are absolutely clear and your commitment is unbreakable. Fortunate meetings with like-minded individuals and prominent figures in the field served as beacons of hope, shedding light on the way ahead and offering priceless assistance during the journey.

Looking back on the path that brought me to this point in my life, I am extremely thankful for all the blessings I have received and feel humbled by them. I am a living testament that even the loftiest goals can be achieved with unwavering faith, persistence, and a touch of serendipity.

Despite the many difficulties along the road to success, every setback propelled me closer to my goals. I persevered, navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with unwavering determination, fuelled by my creativity, tenacity, and unshakable belief in my abilities.


Exclusive Interview With Svitlana Kashcheieva - When Gems Whisper!

What drives you to take on ambitious projects and share the experiences you have encountered along the way?

My deep-seated love for innovation, growth, and making a significant impact on the fashion industry motivates me to embrace challenging initiatives and share the experiences I’ve encountered. Each daring project represents an opportunity to break free from limitations, challenge norms, and create a lasting impact. Not only does this transform the fashion industry, but it also inspires others to pursue their own goals. My passion lies in pushing boundaries within the fashion world, presenting bold concepts, and turning them into achievable realities that resonate with people. Through hard work, perseverance, and a touch of risk-taking, I aim to demonstrate that anything is possible in the realm of fashion, all while infusing my unique style into every fashion show.

Tell us about an unexpected talent or skill you possess—one that people might not anticipate from you.

Despite my fast-paced involvement in the fashion and entrepreneurship industries, my intense love for yoga and mindfulness practices surprises many. These ancient disciplines have become an integral part of my life. I’ve embarked on transformative journeys to explore the depths of yoga and mindfulness, immersing myself in serene landscapes and cultural heritage across locations like Thailand, the Maldives, and India. Through these experiences, I’ve honed my abilities, seeking inner harmony and peace amidst the hustle and bustle of my professional life.

Can you share a memorable success story or an achievement that particularly stands out to you in your career so far?

The transformation of World Fashion Week into one of the most prestigious fashion shows in Dubai, the glittering city of gold, remains etched in my memory as one of my most significant professional accomplishments to date. World Fashion Week Dubai transcends mere gatherings of global designers, models, influencers, and fashion enthusiasts; it symbolizes resilience, vision, and the unwavering strength of teamwork.

The journey to elevate World Fashion Week involved overcoming numerous obstacles. Each step was fuelled by passion and unwavering focus, from securing prestigious venues to curating an extraordinary collection of designers.

Exclusive Interview With Svitlana Kashcheieva - When Gems Whisper!

If you could time-travel to any era for a fashion makeover, which period would you visit, and what would your signature look be?

Transporting myself back in time, I would set my sights on the ancient Egyptian era, immersing myself in its captivating beauty and enigmatic allure. And if there were one iconic figure whose style I’d seek to emulate, it would undoubtedly be the legendary Queen Cleopatra.

Picture me adorned in opulent dresses crafted from light-coloured fabrics, embellished with intricate details and regal jewellery befitting a queen. My signature look would echo Cleopatra’s mythical beauty—a harmonious blend of regal power and undeniable femininity.

Reflecting on your journey, what advice would you give to aspiring fashion entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the industry?

Focus on your goals and never give up on your dreams.

Lastly, spill the tea! Are you working on any future projects that we don’t know about? Please shed light on some of those.

Well, you’ve caught me at a very interesting moment! Yes, I’ve been working on a project behind the scenes that will undoubtedly take the fashion industry to new and exciting heights: Global Fashion. It’s not just an event; it’s a worldwide phenomenon that spreads the magic of fashion to every corner of the globe. Imagine the most famous cities hosting World Fashion Week: the energetic streets of Paris, the bustling city of New York, the exotic allure of Tokyo, or the romantic charm of Milan. Stay tuned for more!