When she steps into the spotlight, she unleashes a magical mix of zest and deep thought. Say hello to Adina Butar, the radiant ray of genuine, unstoppable spirit, bursting with creativity and all-around awesomeness!

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Adina Butar@adinabutar
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Adina’s artist adventure is like a vibrant quilt stitched together with passion, persistence, and fabulous friendships. In our super special interview, she spills the beans on her colorful world, where every moment turns into a masterpiece. Teaming up with Markus Schulz and the awesome SMG crew, Adina reveals the secret sauce behind their worldwide escapades. Trust us, this interview is a musical rollercoaster of pure fun and magic! Keep reading for a dose of musical enchantment and loads of giggles.

Contains Sass, Proceed with Caution!

Welcome to L’Officiel India Adina! We’ve heard about your electrifying performances, but what’s the most unexpected thing that’s ever happened to you on stage?

Hi and thank you for having me! The most unexpected thing that happened on stage was definitely when Markus Proposed back in 2018 at Avalon Hollywood in front of the entire crowd. I was on stage singing and all of a sudden, the music stopped and I thought there were some technical issues; then I saw the crowd taking all their phones out and Markus came on stage and proposed to me while on the big screens behind us was written “Adina, Will you Marry Me?”

Was such a surreal moment, totally unexpected; a memory I will carry with me forever.

Contains Sass, Proceed with Caution!

If you could describe yor music in three words, what would it be and why?

Uplifting; enigmatic; healing

I like to believe that the music I write and sign gives people an immediately better vibe; but also makes them rethink their purpose; like either confirms they are on the right path or motivates them to find that purpose, that missing piece in their life; makes them want to feel the way it feels when you listen to the song and understand that is possible.

Contains Sass, Proceed with Caution!

Can you share with us any behind-the-scenes anecdotes from working with Markus Schulz and the SMG team?

M Markus and I have been traveling the world for more than 10 years now and all I can say it takes a lot of discipline to be able to do what we do in such a long term. The jetlag, the schedule, the flying it can get heavy sometimes so we have few rules when it comes to time spent backstage before a show. On the one hand, we are very sociable and can’t wait to meet new people, new fans new promoters and love hanging out backstage with them for some time hearing their stories, and enjoying the company but around 30 minutes before the show both Markus and I love some quiet time just to be able to focus and get into the mood and prepare mentally so we can put on the best show of their life. So, we have this code word that our tour manager knew that if we used it in a sentence, he needed to clear the backstage area and just give us some quiet time. The word was “pineapple”
I remember one time we were in Ukraine and it was Markus’s birthday he got a Pineapple cake so he kept saying wow this pineapple cake it`s really good, and the tour manager would eat it and approve yeah really good but he forgot about the hint so we had a hard time make him realize what we mean at that point and the entire situation was just kind of funny. There are of course many funny moments on tour, always something unexpected happens.

Contains Sass, Proceed with Caution!

What’s your guilty pleasure song that you secretly blast when nobody’s around?

Right this moment I love what Tyla does so my favorite would be Tyla -water. Also, Selena Gomez – Calm down.

If you could travel back in time and attend any concert in history, which one would you choose?

EDC Las Vegas has always been one of the most impressive festivals I attended, from production to vibe, to lineup, etc. Also, Coachella.
Let’s play a quick round of “This or That: EDM Edition.”
Festival stage or intimate club? Festival Stage; the energy of the crowd together is just amazing; nothing compares to the energy of 10,000 people that gather together for the music.
Sunset set or sunrise set? Sunrise set has something special about it plus it means you were probably up all night dancing.
Vinyl or digital? Digital is way more accessible but of course, vinyl feeds the soul once in a while.

Contains Sass, Proceed with Caution!

If you could collaborate with any artist, alive or passed, who would it be and why?

Gwen Stefani just because I was a huge fan when I was a little girl so would be more for the little Adina; if I would ever even have a duo with her on the same stage would be one of those unbelievable moments.

What exciting adventures are you aiming to conquer in the coming months?

Releasing one of my first solo singles in a long time “Whisper” which I am excited about and just continue traveling the world and trying to change it for the better every day at a time.

Contains Sass, Proceed with Caution!

Lastly, what’s the one piece of advice you’d like to give your fans out there?

Live the moment, be grateful for what you have, and count your blessings because living in gratitude is the key to happiness no matter how much you have or lack, always focus on what you have and the universe will always provide you more. As long as we have the privilege to see another sunrise and sunset we are blessed; follow your heart and stay true to your soul calling.